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I saw I saw a prominent media member I won't name that I want to trash anyone. But I saw someone say, oh, how did Jerry West managed to finagle two first round picks Tobias? He said for a non all star. But if Tobias Harris I played his this season in the Eastern Conference. He would have easily been an all star like without a doubt. So that's to me. It's ridiculous, Malcolm Maui. He's absolutely an all star level talent in the NBA. Just looking through his numbers on synergy, which ranks players based on a play types. Is a pick and roll ball ham their spot of shooting in transition scoring how much they produce per possession. Does looking through his ratings Tobias eras as a pickerel by handler. He's in the very good range. The eighty percent tile spot up shooting, which to me is the most important part of his package as far as what he's gonna bring for Philadelphia. He's a mid ninety fifth percentile among players who have attempted at least one hundred fifty spot of jumpers Tobias Harris ranks fifth with one point two eight points or possession as a team to Sixers. They might be tops in in three point shooting. But they are twenty first and spot up shooting production as your appoint nine nine points or possession. So to me, it's going to be a huge huge of this. And for them for a team that is built around and beat who does a knockdown that many threes and Ben Simmons who we know doesn't like shooting them. I think obviously I like the bowler pick mortgage. He's a legitimate NBA cholera player, but fit wise, I think this is excellent excellent fit and even besides those two very distinct play types in isolation. Like, you mentioned earlier seventieth there percents out very good as opposed. Score. Very good eightieth eighty percents. I'll coming up screens and pulling up for shots or driving on and hitting Florida's very good seventy seventy nine percentile on office of rebounds put backs. He's excellent. He can even as I mentioned earlier pick and roll binders in eighty first percentile, he can even set the pick and roll. And in that play type he's in the ninety nine percents. I also his numbers are off the charts as a score maybe not the best defender, but playing next to Embiid bowler and Simmons can mask suffer anyone. So I think it's an excellent excellent Fe and just one through five like look at that roster. I mean, maybe the bench is a little bit weaker. Now you and I still didn't have some pretty good pieces there in TJ McConnell, and John Bolden and a Korkmaz's wanted to five their starting lineup is Ben Simmons JJ Rettig Tobias Harris Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid like that's some NBA two K nineteen crappy and all it doesn't make. It's just so good. Like, I think this is a this is a huge deal for a minute. I think it really could push to make a deeper playoff run. And they could have before they made it. Yeah. This is it's it's incredible move for them and elder freaking brand. I mean, the guy is a first time GM and he's playing a few years ago. Now, he's running the Sixers front office. I mean, what a job he's done pulling off the Jimmy Butler trade, and now this I mean, I love this move for Philly. And I think it's one of those moves where I feel like in the next few days, you're going to hear other executives come out and say, you know, had we known to buy shares available. We would have made an offer we would have stepped up and tried to acquire him seems like one of those kind of moves where not only were, you know, us the media and fans caught off guard. I feel like other executives would love to get in on the Tobias Harris sweepstakes without well, he's been playing and then you know, for the for the clippers. Let's talk about this for this from their perspective for a second. They're getting to really good draft picks the two thousand twenty one Miami first round pick which the Sixers actually died on draft night whenever they made their whole move to get Maceio to give it a became bridges and bringing Zaire Smith. With. That's when that happened. Right. Frank. Absolutely. So they got the two thousand twenty one Miami..

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