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Komo news time is eight zero three. I'm Tom Ackerman alongside Debby Monterey and Boeing has landed another defense contract worth billions of dollars and thousands of jobs in Saint Louis web. Traffic and weather together at eight ten Boeing's plant in Saint Louis will likely be humming through the twenty thirty s thanks to a new air force contract. Boeing and Saab had been awarded the air force's contract to build new t x aircraft up to four hundred seventy five of them as the air force looks to replace the t thirty eight supersonic jet as its main training tool. Valerie incentive in air warfare. Reporter for defense. News says Boeing hasn't yet confirmed the work will be done in Saint Louis, but it's a good bet that it will be see them burning this out to you know, say Seattle or anywhere else. You know, this is a place where there is a legacy of Dylan tactical aircraft in expertise and Boina's green to want to nurture that and keep that really Boeing is. Expected to make that announcement once the ten day protests period is over the contract could be worth up to nine point two billion dollars. At it. Also includes an order for ground based simulation systems, Alex bagman. Newsradio eleven twenty km awakes compete, and we can win we need to just do more regional chamber. President Tom chew says a win like this helps the Saint Louis brand especially with other companies in advanced manufacturing other businesses across the country begin to notice this Saint Louis should be might be a place that we need to consider move our business or expand our business. And what about other opportunities that might come along with this companies that support Boeing there's gonna be a lot of technological innovation that comes out of this so exceleron and other start-up be taking a look at Saint Louis because they may have technology that will become part of the manufacturing process. Michael Calhoun, NewsRadio eleven twenty KOMO ex. Well, this political ad is running heavily we endorse. President trump. And Claire.

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