Mitch Mcconnell, Republicans, Governor Roy Cooper discussed on Phil's Gang


We're told her about four hundred and fifty thousand power outages that had been reported statewide and the primary focus at this point is on damage assessment. And getting crews to restore that power Georgia governor Nathan deal. Meanwhile, in Florida governor, Rick Scott says they're still looking for storm writers are search and rescue teams have already removed into Panama City, Mexico beach, Tyndall alligator point care bell and air assets have been had made contact with Appalachicola and Saint George island and in North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper says even as Michael was downgraded to a tropical storm. There was still problems already several water rescues are occurring in the west this morning. At least sixteen roads have already been closed due to Michael at this storms. Rain and wind are now spreading east, and there's the mid-term rhetoric heats up Senate Republicans are doubling down on warnings mob rule by the far left majority leader Mitch McConnell returning to a topic that has dominated his floor speeches this past week. It's hard to believe that was less than a week ago that far left. Protesters were literally storming the steps of the capitol. The leader calling it phase one of the meltdown. It's crazy. Call crazy talk about impeaching Justice Cavanaugh, there are left wing writers demanding that Democrats packed the court zombie idea from the nineteen thirty as he has in each of his speeches McConnell, repeating the Senate Republicans will not be intimidated Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes..

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