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That's one of those questions where given the context that you so you pointed to what they've dealt within their past. I don't see it as. Stretch that she would be incensed thinking that it might be one of those. Okay. So I'm with you there, but my of Jackson to her behavior comes before that, like how she acted before the game was taken away from her because this was all set in motion before that. And then, yes, do I think the empire under those circumstances should should just have said, look, if you say one more if you call me at the foreign more time or you ask that I apologize one more time I'm going to have to take a game away from you. I don't wanna do that, but I'm gonna have to do it. And then if she had done it, then you know, you know, nothing's can do, but at, but he so that's fine. But the fact is that that house she acted before that was is is a real problem because she was already taking away from Asaka who's and Asaka was winning. And this was her way of of taking. She would never have reacted that way. If she. Had been winning to that. I, I think this is a little bit. Why think that that even this conversation, I think it becomes like. I'm with you on an even texture you that I'm with you on just the condemnation of of her behavior before the decision. That's why was saying that. I think people are arguing sort of their crossing their streams here in a weird way where the outrage is about the decision to Docker points and the other people are saying, but like you're not, you're not admitting that her behavior was horrible and every- everybody knows that that behavior was horrible, and she's be throwing a tantrum in lost control. And I think those two things are totally, right. Well, yeah, and I don't even know about horrible, but just definitely that's what that criticisms be little bit. Right? Because I was like, if you're a McEnroe fan, then you have a high tolerance for that stuff. I've never liked when Connors McEnroe did that shit. Like always thought it was so petulant so I don't have a problem, but so the narrative after this is what was frustrating about that guys tweet is the narrative was that Serena was entirely the victim of this. Again, Sokha who is really who my heart went out for in this whole thing. She was just getting relegated to just nothing. She want her. She's twenty years old. She wanna first grand slam championships. This was her first grand slam final. She's idle, the person. She was her Eitel like none of that mattered. Serena was a victim and that was the narrative. So then to see people like this guy who I don't believe watch tennis when. Yeah. People like Ryan lake, who I have ton of respect for sort of agreeing with him in spite of the fact that they didn't watch the match. They don't know anything about tennis or rules at were anything. It just struck me as like, I get why these conservative people are react this way to like this kind of just unthinking like assumptions of racism and sexism. But what I'm saying is is that you can understand those reactions since they were after the game that they were responding to the events unfolded in their completion, like the docking of one point..

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