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You had to heal with these conceivable which were stupidly expensive. And here's also the kicker when you're out how grinding and fighting random mobs you have to toggle whether you're going to earn experience from that battle or if you're gonNA earn items it was so bad. It was such a high any game do you look at. Why would you do that? The headline just popped up on my phone Amazon. Under fire for selling off Schlitz Christmas ornaments. Oh can we look at us us. Let's not okay so final fantasy seven remakes coming out in two thousand twenty S. Well and it. You're not a fan of the cover. Where clouds do you know looking up at shooter? Tower and towery and hold into sorta it's reversible cover. He gives do the whole place at work where it's like black with a little video or the finalized some logo and then the one with cloud reenacted with better graphics looking at you look up at the thing with that being said. I found it when I was looking at the artwork for. I'm excited for his role and remake jockeyed Carolina Salama Mallory. But with that the case I was looking at it and I just find it so off that it just says final fantasy seven and literally the word remake. You just call the pharmacy seven. Everyone would do the job of parentheses twenty twenty like what they did with do do yeah parentheses two thousand sixteen so I really call dude. Twenty sixteen hours refers it to that same resident evil two resident evil two nineteen. But it's not literally called resident evil to remake. We're I just felt it was weird that it actually says the word reading on there. I didn't really hit me until I was looking at the box. Art where I'm just like it really says remake doesn't like that's actually on the thing I don't know it to be amazing look of cheap cheap a little project name on there as weird caller that everyone should refer to it as that you know the actually put it. Yes that was one of those calls where I really do question but we'll see Ten cent lovely lovely ten cent by another developer Suba Games or whatever they ended up by fifty million shares on ten percent of the company. Now tencent is doing their thing. Where ten percent here ten cent there Eh? And doing all that stuff with the case. That's just like they have their hooks and everything but to the point where it's just it's big enough where like people would be scared to piss them off but lil enough where they don't go. Everything's owned by ten cents like try to avoid a monopoly type thing but like it can't be hooks and so many things a little scary. If you do a research your ear big video game Fan Guy Look at how especially if you're in the mainstream games look at how the Games you know may not say tencent upfront. But on the back end of things things they have a stake in their of very five ten plus percent at the Games fifty percent. Think about that. Look into that and you'd be really scared scared. How many things have really do have in the background bill? The puppet strings tencent influence. It's crazy that's not a moral company. That's for sure they are what you would expect from a huge tyrant Chinese corporation like they just want everything on a slice of all the pies. It's crazy. Yeah they they bought a stake in another studio just getting really scary big and small homages buying in. Oh that's it for the week and then that's it we're there we made of you. Who made it to the end? Thank you so much again. We want to thank thank Mikailah Massey. Forty percent on their prison forever actually not formally person and always and we always support her. We got channels on their real league of all of them below. Definitely check it out as if she needs the help right but it is always busy border. Cue Such sweethearts sodas the take time out of her very very very hectic schedule to make time for us. We really do appreciate that like the rest of our guest. Jean family on that so always ends up Kylo anything living you need. We got you all right and until next week where it's totally live on air. This is just the GAG by the way I've had to cut it out several times. Keep saying ten. Am every Monday at eleven central standard time until the next episode. Catch you guys then until I guess until. Then she's let's see that again. I'm GONNA leave this all in but let's do it again. We're doing it again. Rely rely you can catch us every Monday at eleven. Am Central Center disconnect you cast dot Com and until the next. Thank you guys free..

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