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We're not we're not going anywhere but there's a lot of people who are gearing up for a massive protest tomorrow both the protesters and the police with huge numbers expected on both sides. Apparently road closures are expected. Extensive police presence state and federal officials are are preparing for a volatile mix of weapons passions and anti-government fervor. The governor has restricted the airspace and has declared a state of emergency urgency and has banned firearms or other weapons on capitol grounds on Thursday the FBI arrested three alleged members of a white supremacist group on gun charges in part of concern or out of concern that they plan to attend the Richmond Rally and incite violence so again. They're already creating a narrative errative here absolutely thaw see. There's not season that they're crowded. They're gonNA start something so therefore we need to make sure there's no rights and they've already arrested people instead. That's not a good sign. That does not bode well for what's going to happen tomorrow. We've seen a lot of evidence in the past at various different rallies of different sorts. Where government agents will dress as though they are a protester call them agents provocateur and the boots? That's one tip then. Sunday unaided probably heard that one by now. Maybe they've learned their lesson But you know cops also have a certain look to them some of them. Do I mean solar good at blending in but others others. It's hard to lose that much muscle mass off of steroids in that short usually tell but sometimes they have cops like ups. Let's go to your calls and thoughts here. We got Dan in Virginia. You're on free talk. Live he's listening to. W N I S in Norfolk. Go ahead Dan Dan Virginia tonight go ahead. Yeah and Virginia and and listen you guys talk tonight Still Oh debating on whether to go up tomorrow or tonight and say if.

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