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Like I started this office account, but then I fell in. But I got condom my own com. My heart conned me, and now I got feeling got feelings and look if you feel it. Right? We're like that. And that's always how it's presented to these will now have feelings for you. So congratulations. Me here. I was trying to get you. You got me. And now you're stuck with me and you have to be my girlfriend even though I've already established a fucking liar. I think this is how men feel about falling in love though. Like they're like, oh, I just came the fuck and steal money out of your purse. But, but then I said, live girl. Those those lips all you'll face the good for more the sex pleasure. What could for telling me, I'm cool. Bush them real complimentary words about me out of that fac- or not, doesn't bode well for Keith. There's Keith for heath cheese r I p clearly. I'm very much. Hidden brought that sounds like a conspiracy. Keep this Bill lobby on the island. Hey. Coachella people as. It's a real big. The Keith ledger hologram. No. Oh, my. The ways he goes after like wooing her also. So interesting to me. Yeah, he he paid the band off. Yeah, right. Yeah, with Joey's crisp fifty. So now he's, he's back in, you know, in the red like he's not making any money. Well, yeah, yeah. So I guess you could argue that because he doesn't actually take the money, spend it on himself. How was. It's a wash. I make no money off. It is there that whole see, we're, he like, I know that's like one of the big like I'd seen that seen ever seen the movie with like the marching band. Ooh, put the way that scene unfold is so weird because it's the Julia stiles character. The second heath ledger starts to French her on the rag. She changes a person entirely as these movies go, yes, where it's like two weeks earlier. If he had pulled that thing with the marching band, she would have been horrified and disgusted by it. But after he like whatever kisses her one time, she's like, oh my gosh, this is so nice. But then there's also like cops chasing heath ledger. They're also gonna like professional stadium, like high school got a Coliseum for them to do soccer practice in big aspects like three bleachers put together like. Lawn chairs like their school looks like Hogwarts crazy. Where did they shoot this. Did like the PA system is like real pop. I do love when they spoof that scene though in not another teen movie in like Jamie's got a good James. Oh my gosh. Yeah. They've romantic pursuit in this movie is problematic and much like so many other romantic pursuits. We see in movies where like Patrick has to wear her down like she keeps saying, no, I, he keeps trying. He keeps pushing past the, no. He like shows up by her car in a parking lot. He shows up at this club that she's out like he's doctor and he's and like he is talk about the game. Like this guy is nagging her at every turn. There's that towards the end where he follows her to Qatar center and Barnes and noble which is such a high school day that it fucking kills me. I'm just like we're two places I can just spend an hour in for no fucking reason. But you know, he was like following her and staring at her through bookcase, and she says, you're so and he's like, what charming and she's like unwelcome. And then he just nags her the whole scene and it just like reinforces that whole like the more she says, no, the more she's currently means, yes, which is like the most poisonous thought to tell. Right? Young men ever. And it also only really works or is tolerable at least if the man is somewhat attractive yet my mom works in age urban. I'm VP of HR for a hospital system in Texas, and she was like attractive. Men never get called an age. It's like they can kiss on the cheek and you'd be like, okay. But if you're ugly, Jamie, it's like, you're the boo, Chevy ten, the EMMY test, put it in the Coliseum seen. If Steve bosomy comes out of the and he's got a microphone need seeing, can't take my eyes off of you starts. Dancing, he's killed is awful. Shoot him down..

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