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To for seven shooting the basketball eight points here comes the colour yokich seven of seven for joker fifteen points three rebounds and suicide this inbound does over the jerry and grant takes a tough to resolve nugget leaders is fourteen fifty one to thirty seven devin harris has it across the taiwan throws it over to mason plumlee plumbly guarded out there by portas right side back bar wilbert ghost left hand takes a long jumpers up it is foot was on the line and the nuggets are back in the lead by sixteen paul bill sat up and off the bench here for denver behind the three point line it's grant grant stocks twelve footer again that would missed rebound comes down to portis put back hook shot is no good rebound comes trae lyles only pass over the devon harris harris stops the three point line guarded by valentine gets a picture lyles does it use it throws it to barton given go in the passes deflected it out of our trust by valentine millsaps his in tray lyles comes out we have a time out here six fifty six to go by the only one here that knows we have a timeout we already used that time out we didn't figure this out six fifty six on the clock there should be a time out i don't remember using one earlier maybe they did well apparently did well here we go denver bastable devin harris looks in he throws it in the barton barton's at the elbow back over to devon hairs that's right hoiberg took one devon gets a pick for mason plumlee shoots a three pointer jumpers nothing but next nineteen point lead again for denver fifty six to thirty seven cameron payne has it eject back in throws it down low over the porta supposed up against mill south florida's what's the ball the floor starts back down bill sat get turnaround brady hoke shot though good listen will foul called on millsap i'm not sure about that call that looks like pretty good defense and that'll be free throws coming up here for bobby portis feliciano in zipser are gonna come back in after the first free throw free throw over one for portis is on the way that one is good nuggets are shooting sixty six percent for the floor chicago at forty four percent denver's a blistering seven of twelve from downtown chicago's five of fourteen.

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