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I say hi to Gordon. Just get the bullshit out of the way to see. Hi Mike at Pitt. Lean parlayed Big stuff going on in you don't raise season is underway so very exciting for them. They're the number one indycar racing podcast on the Internet Take a pit stop at Acre podcasts. And leave them a review. GotTa gotTa say hi my Queen the Coupon Queen Pin on anchor dot. FM doing her secrecy. Moments always I love her posts on facebook. They're are not happy. I wish I could make By awesome and I gotta say hi to my two best friends. Alex Alex in Tom I had the pleasure of doing the thors Qian. PODCAST with them this morning so much fun it it was a gets. I'm did you do the though. What's the wish game? I didn't hear the end of your episode. I I I think so where where Tom Post the pictures on. And you have to guess what they are or it gives you explanation Yeah I've it really bailed battle one of them but I kind of the other two so. That's okay Nice They tried to tell me the points don't matter but they didn't start in until I started winning I'm sick yeah. They made that very clear in the beginning with me. Usually when people say that they do the classic. whose line is it anyway? Thing which like ten thousand points for are you yeah reports literally just at one point might as one point one point I pulled ahead and then all of a sudden they're like oh but you know the points don't matter right right okay. I see how this works but that was a wicked wicked time. We had a lot of fun. I I think they got a little impatient with me. Trying to take the show in directions that they didn't want it to go by talking about things that you should talk about on the air. No not not at all. Those guys will talk about anything. Yeah they definitely will But just I just kept changing subjects and they run a pretty tight ship there. They tried to so they definitely take some what they do. Awesome time you guys can check that one. No not on pod being dot com where you can also hear Erik Gordon. What if we're right back? It's got a nice little being paid as well And they are. I'm very excited to have eric and Gourd as soon as possible. We will arrange that absolutely got a couple so more guest spots. I'm working on for us. And of course our guest spots are wide open for anyone who wants to join us. Because it's just it's just too much then having other people it just adds that it's totally like reinvigorated. Not just talking to those guys this morning thing which they got a hold of me like twenty minute like like I did to you whenever I get this this taxed. And it's like hey I was wondering if you're you're not busy today. Gee I wonder what this is about with no notice whatsoever and I just thought you know what I have to do Jason. I'm really glad I did other things. It's gotta be super pumped is. We got amazing review on Apple podcasts. Yesterday today we ever and we got a second one that you didn't hear about accident I it was. It was just a personal one and for me here with you guys but we got you can check on facebook even created a poll over our review. We got from Van Listens who I determined I believe is from Germany. That's the best my best guess. Yes but great review by him any reviews a good review in my opinion and that guy went to a lot of work like he spent time on that thing he did. I actually really want to read the whole thing. Because only the posters set the bottom line or so is cut off. So Y- I I listen to an entire fire episode to see if they'd redeem themselves and they didn't.

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Facebook, Erik Gordon, Tom Post discussed on Eric

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