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Couple of days where this past weekend they opened up some bars and that led to an increase in the spread of the corona viruses shows hello contagious the crown of ours is in the bar setting so we have to create standards where we will find a way to open up bars but do so in a way that contains the spread of the corona virus governor Abbott says for one drinking involves taking off your mask he also notes that alcohol encourages people to congregate closely Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is wanting three counties and two cities about their corona virus public health orders he sent a letter to the leaders of Travis bear and Dallas counties and the cities of Austin and San Antonio on Tuesday saying that shelter in place demands mass requirements at houses of worship bands violates the state constitution thanks and also criticize the contact tracing plan put into place in Austin regarding customers who visit restaurants thousands of Houston city workers can expect to be furloughed at some point this year to help close the one hundred sixty nine million dollar budget gap there's a Mister Turner blamed the deficit on a loss of tax revenue during the Copa nineteen shut down we anticipate that about three thousand employees will be impacted from furloughs going up to a maximum of ten days within the year that would generate about seven million dollars the mayor also wants to use some of the city's a rainy day fund foe forced residents to pay monthly lease on if city issued garbage and recycling bins and possibly transfer federal dollars already received to combat to.

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