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Thirteen seven going to the fourth quarter right right so it is a not that they're doing it for my viewing pleasure and you'll like i said i know windsor tough to get in the league. No matter who your plan. But i think that people honestly still think that the team has chance. I just try to figure what tells you. They're going to go on a defensive run. What tells you absolutely nothing. Nothing's going to change. They're going to continue to be look and we talk. We went to the optimistic group yesterday. That their next three games are all games that they they can win. Who's a third what gets Detroit the game. They all the next three opponents. They face they could also get beat by all handily and i honestly to them on the road. I'm gonna pick them to lose two of the three guaranteed like because they're not going to stop anybody that's exactly. That's the biggest reason why. Yeah i don't know what the weather's going to be like in cleveland this week. I haven't they haven't seen the weather report but it just like. I said i pull for them. But they're hard watch. Because i i have every team that you were a signature performance of good teams. Good teams have signature performances. They haven't had one as a group this week and i. I'm not sure who you talk to yesterday. Said man now. That's the type of game makes you think they're gonna win i. I didn't see that. I saw flashes like i do every week. I'll offensively see flashes over there every single week but flashes of it. Get you to six in look at the teams that are winning even when they don't play their best. They entertained enough to win the football game against good teams pittsburgh kansas city and town. We haven't seen those teams play the best look at the tampa bay buccaneers. They're supposed to be a good team. They played like you want to. Humiliation is a worst game. I've seen a good team play in a longtime worst. I've seen a good team playing a long time. But that's neither here nor there or with the texans are here and they will. They will frustrate you week after week. We'll see with their approach to the cleveland. Browns is defensively this week sportstalk. Seventy the group is here. Steve tyler solo in about fifteen minutes and we'll stick it out next year with josh and mc and you guys seven one three two one two five seven ninety dr jeff wits at whitsett vision dot com whitsett vision dot com. You don't tens of thousands of basic procedures and they're not invasive. You're on that table just a few minutes and in a couple of days you're going to be seeing better than you have. Maybe well since you had to get glasses in the first place for me it'd been like two and a half decades and see better. I wanted to read it night. Not where readers wanted to drive without glasses and contacts and do because of him. Go to guide me. And i don't have to watch tv or movies and squint. I don't have to go to the golf course in wonder if ball our role to or out of bounce. None of that because doctor whitman lifted a film from is should have done it sooner but he went through all the procedure. Make sure qualify. Because i had lasix almost three decades ago so he is the very best. He's our neighbor. He's the best there is and we have right here in town. He can change your life. When i say that well sean changed because our li- we're nervous whereas it invasive because it's our is don't worry he's got you and he's the best whitsett vision dot com off your free consultation. Seven three six five nine seven nine seven one three three six five nine seven nine nine. Whitsett vision dot com. Now does salisbury steak out brief. Take out on. The sean salisbury. Show guys Let's take this thing out figure out what's going on across the landscape what's happening about the atlanta falcons. They had a player basically talk way out. There being tat. Mckinley should the texans be interested in picking him up after he was waived yesterday. Yes yes I two years. Mckinley was a flare at ucla. Actually the he got after the quarterback then for whatever reason his game has fallen off. He's sweating twenty five years old so he was young when he was drafted Got experience You wouldn't have to. He's only do. Let's see what's he do. His fifth year option so he is a free agent now negoti get him cheap You will get a guy who's got some edge rushing skills and i would imagine for some at that age of venue. Change would be good. It just hasn't worked since those first two seasons when he was a really solid player. I would i would. There's a handful of teams that should look into it. I would see what he's got an attack that's one that's not going to help them win a championship. Defensively right now with the people they have but he instantly becomes one of their best address yours automatically and even though he struggled so why. Let's see what he's got under the hood. I'm all in. Yeah i would at least give it a look i would i would. I would do it. Hires on that for sure just from the standpoint of mean keep them around for next year right yeah and then like i said it's not the cheese is not expensive. You know right now. He doesn't cost that much in the could be actually a bigger reward than risk right. I mean so. If i who who hasn't struggled in atlanta the last couple of years defensively and that team finishing game so i am. Mckinley to me is worth Kicking the tires on and bring him in. Somebody's going to and it's going to happen sooner than later If you're a team that's looking for one extra player and you're on the cuss. That could really help you. And if your team is defense isn't good taxes and you could you. You may start to see some says if we can get something out of him like it landed when they made him a first round pick His first two years then. It's worth the goal. That's my opinion. So yes i would. All right sean. So super or your. Nfc favorite shruggled just to say the least their sunday night against what was the most concerning thing or what was your biggest takeaway from that game Biggest takeaway was first of all this team. How often do they put three in. Tampa bay three or five three four back to back to back games together. That a really really good. They struck they. Didn't play well against the giants. The one thing about them with all those weapons they somehow. There's something missing from the clothes you out in completely dominate. You like they did against green bay weekly because their personnel says they should might biggest takeaway was the game was. I didn't see any. Defensive adjustments drew. Brees that they've you're not. You should not against a veteran quarterback. You should not play. What's the word i'm looking for. I would never play The soft zone vanilla defense and not hit drew brees. I would take him off as mark. Drew brees is at his worse when you force me east and west and make him throw the ball down the field vertically now drew brees is when he had his worst is pretty good but he can't beat you. Push the ball down the field like you used to and sometimes struggles with. They played right into his hands. Allowed him to drop back. Throw the short stuff in zones without hitting him. They killed him. The i'll tell you what else they rushed. Five times for eight yards. Tampa bay rush five times for eight yards and again and i think the saints and the time of possession the number.

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