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Gotta have that hook ready in and you could see he waited waited waited gerardy did before he got the dancers up and we were wondering if he was waiting too long but apparently defence the tense as car ready pretty quickly and was could've come in the game if he had to do that now d'elever tensest is your your your perfect closer either he is head his struggles now he's pretty good lately but we've seen him have problems with command twos so of me take chapman out of the tensest fails here and you're really in trouble skirted joey in east brunswick new jersey you're on the fan joey good morning morning joe go ira agreeing aircraft recurred ever ron kuby query bearing the some people might think or regret harry herbert hoover wearing acquired regard you know after yeah yeah yeah well a preview now under when i watched it on board mir were oh how it could be there are great again you can earn her card and burt in my opinion and create your own great towards air new yorker great near most or the other stockard very trivial are noon you're not going to pare down fared worry dinner repaired rate near eighty and rigor landmark and they court aaron unfair omonia we her narrow it could who are going to grow their hair grow a beard wherever kirk are we going to throw her regret about earner knowing your or negative factor took a nicknamed on the back i think we have driven it a crime wherever it can be a lot of anc go were await dry with your opinion on that i would agree to an extent i think you know this wasn't the yankees decision i mean his major league baseball may look what they're you know what they're trying to do they're trying to make money when they do the throwbacks when they do the different colors the holidays and all of that they're trying to make money on merchandise i see and also you know baseball the.

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