Iraq, Dan Glaviano, Jim Harbaugh discussed on The Ryen Russillo Show


Let me come to your defence on all the same guy by the way it isn't it is it because sports center me verses radio b is different because buddy and your four mad at the little unique to the sports at a format were doing highlights were not really give an opinion we're not supposed to and there's time constraints on everything we do where's and radio you can just let your hair down an give it to the different but you give your opinion i'll tell you take over those taken is thermal like iraq and rauner sills look it's actually eight in the senate thermals actually kashmir it's not wrestle let me sell you on something that i actually talked about on first take a look i just talked with dan glaviano i understand that it first blush it sounds like you're hot taking or you might be sounding like you're doing something that is extremely unlikely but i think and it's more than just my conjecture by the way i have reason to believe the jim harbaugh is a realistic target and a realistic acquisition for the new york giants here let me laid out to you why that is okay first of all it's the new york giants yup it's a highly coveted job it's a big job it needs a big personality bend makati did not fit that bill going down the path of hiring steasdy steve spag no from interim to permanent or i think even josh mcdaniel's is going to be hard to come in and live up to the building of that job okay it's got to openings as we just talked about grazziano gm and coach and i think one of the reasons they're so bold fire both is they're willing to consider someone who can filled both shoes that would include guys like sabin or harbaugh who wants that kind of authority i got two more among turn it over you to shoot it down great harbaugh's success path y'all has been consistent have a quarterback on hand andrew luck stanford.

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