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More. Can there possibly be more? Into the show. I don't think we could. Yakuza developer is interested in Nintendo Switch. Quote, we think of ourselves as people of my world. Oh my God. Amazing. The cloud version can't wait. Oh, it's terrible. It's so great. Or really not nice looking not cloud version. So we're going to have a weird cut here because you may have already deduced by getting this far into the episode that one ran Emmanuel Pena is not here this week, and that is because she is in Florida with her husband doing a promotional book tour for Danny loves video games, which is available now. If you guys missed it, and we got the chance to catch up with her Britt and I did about her experience at D 23 because in addition to everything else that's happened since last week's episode, Disney and marvel had a showcase last Friday after the show published featuring one blessing at a OE junior from kind of funny. Crushed it lesson. And this is where you would take a shot when I say my husband works for Disney and the game's department, did he work on literally all these announcements? Yes, he did. So Rihanna went down to D 23 and checked out everything for us and we sat down and chatted with her. So let's roll the clip. Hey everybody, welcome to our special mini segment with Rihanna Manuel Pena our normal ride or die weekly co host who is on vacation doing some really fun stuff. Why are you gone from the show this week? Yeah, me from the future is calling in to say. I am with my wonderful husband, Danny Pena, down in Miami, Florida for his book release. So yay. Yes, September 15th is beginning of Hispanic heritage month, and he's celebrating by officially releasing his book. Danny loves video games by mister Luna, and there is going to be an in person event where there's going to be some Q&A with Danny and the author, and then also some signing opportunities. So it'll be really fun. He gets to meet people who are excited for the book in person. And I'm sure we'll have lots of stories to tell you about that. Woohoo. I'm super happy for y'all. I think that it's such an awesome opportunity to tell such a wonderful story and it was great to have DNA on the show just a couple of weeks back. So if you guys missed that episode, Danny told us the whole story about how the book came together and how it follows his life. So please go back and check that out if you missed it and congrats again to our friend Danny. But that's not why you're here today technically. You are here because you were in person at D 23. Yes, the Disney expo that happened last weekend. Get your shots lined up, everybody. Just kidding. So the Disney and marvel game showcase also happened last week, but you were there in person to kind of take in the whole scene. Was this your first D 23? It was. It was my first D 23 and shout out and congratulations to kind of funny is blessing at AAU junior for being an incredible host. He did such a great job both in the video portion that was live streamed and then also the Q&A after, which I got to sit front ish row four. So yeah, it was really exciting. It was a lot of Disney magic in the air for sure. I loved how enthusiastic high if you're watching on YouTube dot com slash what's good games. I was gonna mention, yes, but you explain. Yeah, you know, I'm a responsible adult and I got my COVID booster shot yesterday. Hashtag go science and unfortunately, though, my ass is being kicked. So right now on YouTube, I am an avatar of myself looking. That's how I feel on the inside. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, but on the outside I look like death. So there we go. Enough about me though, but blessing definitely had that Disney magic about it when he was hosting he had that energy. So much energy. And nailed it. And I was like, yeah, dude, like you belong on a Disney commercial. Yeah, it was a really fun showcase to watch. I am bummed that Disney didn't put the panels afterwards on the live stream at some point, or put the vods up, and I guess that's part of the, hey, you had to be there in person, but I think some of the vods are up now on their own. If they are, that's great. I have to go check them out. They weren't the last time I checked, but because I wanted to learn a little bit more. So we aren't going to run down everything that was in the showcase because a lot of it was mostly just updates on existing games, but they did have a couple game announcements, which we'll get to in a second, but what were some of the things that you saw at D 23 that you want to chat about today? Yeah, well, sticking two games 'cause obviously there's lots and lots to cover that Fincher's outside of it with marvel being there and all. I was really, really excited to see both Amy hennig's untitled project coming up soon. And then also illusion islands. We actually had the opportunity to sit down after the showcase and after the panel with the dilemma team, who was working on this game and got a little bit of history on it apparently it was around in the development ether for a while and then Disney games stopped working on that project and now they have this revival in this opportunity to come back and make it happen. So there's a lot of excitement, a lot of triumph and yeah, I'm excited to see how that project turns out. Yeah, I saw it was in development. I think in 2016, that's what I said. When I read, I love this so much. It's this foreplay or co op platformers, but it looks like it right now. I feel like these are so hot, let alone slap Disney together. On top of it, and then all these iconic characters. And I think each character has their own moveset if I remember correctly. Either way, this just looks so damn cute. And this is probably the game that I'm most excited about from that showcase. Yeah, it definitely was a highlight for a lot of people at the show as people are walking around saying like, hey, what was the biggest, the biggest highlight for you? This one definitely came up from a lot of people and not just folks who are in the Disney camp. So it sounded like it really resonated with folks. And I know we've seen a lot of trends recently with this co op experiences, but it seems like this one's going to be worth checking out for sure. What's the name of this game again? Illusion island. Is that right? Yes. Okay, I'll give you a little bit of a little background here. So join Mickey and pretend I don't sound dead.

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