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Continued after helen's passing the state of pennsylvania celebrates helen keller day on june twentyseventh her birthdate on the federal level president jimmy carter signed a proclamation recognizing the day in nineteen eighty on the one hundred anniversary of helen's birth on that same day a stamp was issued depicting helen keller and annie sullivan in nineteen ninety nine helen keller was listed among gallup's most widely admired people of the twentieth century the helen keller hospital in sheffield alabama is dedicated to her there are streets named for helen keller around the world including in france spain portugal israel switzerland and of course the united states and in two thousand three alabama honored its native daughter by depicting her on the state quarter it's the only coin circulating in the us to feature braille but even with all this positive recognition there is still some negative that's right if you google the name helen keller on the first page of results you're likely to find a joke twitter account which purports to be recording the observations of helen because she can't see your here get it well in light of all we've learned seem very funny no it does not but i hope the people who are behind that feed realized that helen keller was not only the most famous blind and deaf person of all time she was a real human being overcame long odds to succeed as a student as an author and as an activist who lived a life of strength dignity and character and who is an inspiration to all who face daunting challenges no matter how high the obstacle or how difficult the adversity and that is no joke.

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