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The company could announce plans to file for bankruptcy as early as this week as it's facing a number of lawsuits and billions in liability for its role in. Wildfires in northern California state Senator Jerry hill has been a longtime critic of the utility UC recently conducted a safety culture audit of PG, an independent audit. And they found that they're just checking the boxes when it comes to safety or window-dressing. You know, the words that were used in the audit. So we're not seeing the change. And that's what we have to see before PG knee will be I believe a safe, and it's accessible utility VP in general counsel, John Simon has been tapped to act as the interim CEO the FBI investigation involving LA city councilman Jose weezer is bigger than it appears the corruption probe has been expanded to include several other city officials and business figures, including another councilmen and a senior aide. According to the LA times FBI agents looking for evidence related to an array of potential crimes, including bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, asking President Trump to temporarily opened the government before he moved to declare a national emergency to secure. Funding for his US, Mexico border wall. Speaking to Fox News on Sunday Graham, told moderator Chris Wallace that he's asking the president to take the take the heat off federal workers while border wall negotiations continue, but he's not to mystic about cooperation from the democrat. It really does for plex me. How you expect this to end when you tell the president of the United States. You can't get it. You get one dollar for a wall. When in the past Democrats have appropriated billions for the wall. What is he supposed to do? Just give in he's not gonna give in meanwhile, Virginia Senator Mark Warner told CNN state of the union, the President Trump lied when he said that Mexico would pay for the border wall. I'm for additional border's secured. But that border security ought to be driven by the experts. Not by the political rims of a campaign promise, where Trump said he the wall was going to be built paid for by Mexico. This guy didn't tell the truth. The partial government shutdown now entering its twenty th day. President Trump took to. A Twitter saying that he's quote in the White House waiting. He added that the Democrats are everywhere, but Washington having fun and not even talking or the partial government shutdown may not be impacting many nonfederal employs right now. But it will right now the federal agencies that most people interact with social security veterans affairs Medicare to name a few are running. But as the shutdown goes on the indirect economic impact will be increasingly felt people who are using poop stamps. They'll probably be good for a few more weeks. But once the February food stamp allocation is required you'll have millions and millions of people who will be affected. Ira Goldstein was the chief operating officer of the government accountability office. Once you go with few weeks beyond. Now, you the other places will be housing loans will be will be affected, of course, other indirect ways the shutdown will eventually hurt everything from air safety to food safety. Charles Feldman, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. It's to forty four. There's an accident in south LA. It's on the westbound ten at the one ten we'll have more on that. And other traffic problems coming up in one minute with Pete let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll probably Malta lawn. Anybody noticed you mow the lawn till people to stay off the long compared to your neighbor's lawn and complained about having to motive on again..

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