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And welcome back and Michelle we have lots of more questions uh-huh dancer and <hes> emails and you don't get people on the pathway is they said before the show scripture when you have the POW- When you have Phil God's a cup of praise then you get directed to save for your health to go to new dramatical and listen to the program. That doesn't sound like what you just said. We don't know what it means. It's gotTa bring people to you to help you. As you said just before he went in the air it was funny. What were you reading something about <hes> Justin Trudeau up there in Canada Oh yeah he's he's wrecking the country? We'll we'll talk about that now or two or three with we have John W spring on Harley can't make it. He's actually managing the conference for Lucius Russia's wife Helga Zeppelin Russia internationally over there which is good. I am right. I got we can get rid of it. Yeah I know I can't I'm with. I'm close enough do it. I'll let's see todd bill from South Dakota Michelle. Hello hello my daughter will be attending college in the fall a dairy products give her stomach problems are nurse practitioner mentioned that she will need to consume calcium from other sources sources. I know there's a lot more than just calcium needed per strong bones. This brings up the greater question of Diet and supplementation so I'm asking you what what would be good for a female student who is in running sports. I would like to know what will help with general health and immune system support well for your bones James Bond generator <hes> if you don't have osteoporosis routes three capitals rather than six after a few two biggest meals. I want to take my Cell D.. Three at least four five soft gels a twice a day and Mike O. D. to one twice a day one capsule. That's important. Is that your ball okay. If you're if you're taking any milk Arabia the calcium need have Kubota generator for general health we want fighting Miramax and Omega Supreme Problem. I mean if you just say those are the core remember this student the right vitamins yeah but adults are important bone generators important to myself three and if you don't add Michael d two that's okay but important things vitamin vitamin relaxing Omega Supreme Problem there so keeping it simple right. Hey our friend corrine from Arizona Bill Dr Bill. Can you treat B._B._C.. Primary Billy Airy Colin Jarvis Right. Is it possible to avoid a liver transplant yeah what what happened is that <hes> these infections problems stealth infection involved solve the problem is what I like to I like to d._N._A.. Appropriate vents cultures of the stool to see what's going on also on proper imaging want an ultrasound of the gallbladder pancreas etc and make sure that there's no abnormal ductile connections <hes> forty five percent of admiral connecting their pancreas and gallbladder and they can actually have already flexing their pancreas and the also everybody nobody gets permeability sclerosis and pancreatitis as had chronic CBO or small intestinal bell overgrowth Franklin died or others die pancreatic. Yeah Greta cancer like I think the guy that was on the late night you know or evening you have the game show jeopardy Tovia the Canadian Guy <hes> <hes> they all have CBO and entry CBO was are pathogenic or other things so neutrally Nelson manager silver a neutral defense and make breath and what's a nutrient twenty-six why so and then he can heal the gut lining with gastro. He'll which is in currency next bill is Britney and she's from British Columbia Canada. <hes> my name is Brittany. I'm thirty six year. Old Female recently had two children bill. You're listening currently breastfeeding looking for safe. Don't clear your throat when I'm reading looking take looking for safe recommendations to treat my hypothyroidism. Vitiligo Vitali goes I call it how you say it Vitiligo and gallstones I have been on synthroid very lowest dose for about one year I have previously in the past before been medicated and suffered from thyroid storm symptoms anxiety my t. s. h. has been label but never layby all up and down up and down. Yeah was extremely extremely high before it'll between eighty four and one hundred generally. I'm very fatigued anxious. I'm a healthcare worker worker. <hes> I've had a fair amount of vaccines. I've worked overseas and suffered from H.. Pylori also a she was diagnosed with that <music> after my first pregnancy and postpartum pre ECLAMPSIA and suffered infection took a lot of antibiotics. My Skin looks terrible. I feel the same whatever you can recommend. I also find it. Hard are to brush my teeth in a day with two little please if you could recommend the necessities and be realistic that is taking pills one two three times Nisa Day versus five to ten yeah. I'm on that. I'm with you on that Britney. My husband Raves about you so I thought I would give you a try okay well. She's got about ten problems. I'm going to do with the top ones and we'll get her started on these first hypothyroidism my desire to caps in the morning and new tonight five drops ops in your skin vitali go sell defense plants to turn off the side of kind and Taco curcumin cream four times a day to the areas of Vitiligo gallstones into spouses else's with previous H.. Pylori she'd probably still just else's Alison Meta Yeah okay next. BILL IS H- able H._I._V.. Al From New Mexico right greetings. I just ordered Auch I shop shop. I S. H.. A. H.. That's is what <hes> the red deer velvet and then I'd like to start with your red deer valid also is it something you take every day. Yes Shimon to do the three capitals twice a day. You take it with the by regulatory. Peptides edged for the target organs. You're trying to generate with your heart. You have heart failure or your kidneys or your brain or is you take it also with optimizing micro d two and and you need nutritional support of the fatty acids Omega supreme pro invited Miramax closes the core you can add other things two college Max Etcetera Etcetera but those Gore I from Arizona. I'm hi Michelle. I just read an article talking about <hes> watching for G._M._O.. Especially in vitamin in C. and other supplements that so often now our source from China so happy to have my nutriments and I'll never have to worry thank you Dr Bill from South Nutriments American-made. We don't have all garbage and G._M.. All the other stuff in it so and all of a standard checked every batch with chromatography Veenstra to make sure that they're all correct sure I know you go by the corner they take years sometimes developing a lot maxine vol directly with the development of the cell opens like Indian me <hes> Neutra silver may the projects you might design and we just got it by the way our patents on the actually fancy p._d._f.. Patent but now on our red developed which is the first product first product in the world in human history that returned to the fetal state where you don't age as thousand six hormones of fetal life which is the only time we actually not physically aging that's called red deer Belvedere and you haven't under our products under your south and no one else in the world has we're the only ones we have many products that no one else in the world has not only our products non G._M._o.. They're all organic right there via available available bio converted by persistent which means they'll you if you take something like our neutrality the last twelve hours you take something like our <hes>. Let's say Coca Jin Supreme. It's the only one that doesn't preliminaries crystallize you take things capacity pluses to most powerful vitamin C in the world calcium magnesium sodium potassium scurvy with opera. I mean we go on on and on every whatever supplements is so remarkable. There's nothing in its class and including our neutral line which is not Nathan iden- it's actually plasma iding which is monitoring the guiding it will displace flora <unk> Bromides and other toxins that there's no estrogens next is mark in an e mail on. I hope all is well with you and your family. My wife had a but sat virga which is a work. Oh so what that is okay her whole ankle got infected acting became swollen overtime cleared up which is still an area around the vein just below or ankle which is still inflamed and occasionally pitchy and painful well. I would play a D.. H. Interests over on the dairy every two hours and I play D._H._A.. Chain pregnenolone cream is there's no lesions. You'RE GONNA pay cocoon but don't apply authors open leisure to say white or won't senior socks or your your Veggie to your arrears or whatever you see got squeezed in here that was that was an older Melville. Let's find <hes>. Let's see what I have here now. You remember Mark Mark from the U._k.. Bill back when let's see WHO's next matthew from Wisconsin. Go ahead my my mother. Ruth is an act of healthy seventy one year old female who still does daily Yoga she fell and broke her hip on July fourteenth twenty nineteen who doctorate in x-rays and she has a hairline fracture on the neck of the hip bone and the courses surgeons they do our operate but she would prefer another solution of of course not you don't WanNa replace her hip. That'll don't run the risk of infection but also the danger of having a thromboembolism so when you have a hairline.

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