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So i imagine if they did that study in poor white communities or other poor minority communities find the same sort of numbers but i have various emotional problems caused by brain disorders and brain chemistry but also by trauma so it's hard to separate in it's the chicken of aaa give my alphabet soup of mental illness acronyms and abbreviations the enemy just mention here you are born with hydrocephalus which is an over like too much spinal fluid pressing on the brains he needed surgery for that when you're five months old yai i've had three brain surgeries ahead brain surgery at five monthsold two years old than than in december of two thousand fifteen to remove a benign tumor may guest a sherman alexi his new memoir is called you don't have to say you love me after break we'll talk about leaving the reservation and the brain surgery he had two years ago to remove a benign tumor this is fresh air weekend ooh support for this npr podcast and the following message come from amazon studios and lionsgate presenting the big sick from judd appetito comes a new comedy based on the real life romance between pakistan born comedian who male non johnny and grads students emily gordon who fall in love but struggled as their cultures clash when emily contracts a mysterious illness camille finds himself forced to face her feisty parents his family's expectations and his true feelings in select theaters june twentythird everywhere july fourteenth.

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