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With show podcast there this new james winston three games dispension becomes official with nfl statement and he will not appeal what to say that back to the calls we go before we get on outta here let's go to jeff california you'll stephen they was up jeff i want to give you a lot of credit to having to put up with max kellerman would i think they should get rid of the award show is the best player never wins like lebron it's been the best player for the last fifteen years and east went all four mvp that's ridiculous well michael jordan only one five kareem abduljabbar only one six bill russell only one five wilt chamberlain only one four it happens to out history why you pigeon why are you picking olive brown because i probably the second greatest player that ever played chamberlain will i just excuse me after wilt chamberlain no we'll chamber is not the greatest play of but he train was the most dominant most dominant terms as physical freak of nature what have you wanted to best player i think he was okay we disagree but i respect your opinion and i thank you for the call jeremy you'll live stephen eight what's up jeremy hey i just wondering if there was any kind of fuss ability of the spurs landing lebron to keep coli no because kawai has made it very clear to everybody he doesn't wanna be in san antonio he's not happy there he doesn't want to be there that's where your problem lies it's not like he saying oh you're not a championship contender so because of that i really wanna go to a better situation he's willing to go to a worse situation just to get away from san antonio because he's not happy and that is where your problem lies i'm told that could wide linnet is willing to go to any either team in la whether it'd be the lakers or the clippers although the lakers are his preference i'm also told that philadelphia's going to get on the phone because of brown's connections to the spurs organization and the fact that he was once in the system coach we had a good relationship with kawhi leonard to try to get him to consider philadelphia all of that's happening because the san antonio spurs who by the way reportedly talking to both the lakers and the celtics as we speak about a collide linnet trade i think all of that's happening because ended has made it very clear he doesn't wanna be there any longer thanks for taking my call thank you buddy appreciate the call nba free agency tomorrow is when lebron james officially has to announce whether these opting out of this contract or he's often in staying in cleveland we'll talk about that and paul george more wild leonard some nfl stuff and who knows what the hell else considering all this stuff going on right now it's free agency and the nba's percolate the nba's become to nfl we're talking about that twenty four seven now and we will the morrow in twenty two hours until then piece of trash just a sample of what you hear on the stephen swift show weekdays at one pm eastern on espn radio and the espn.

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