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Whenever i played doda i put unser some like shitty top thousand tramps album let's very auto new way when you play here only the authentic doda experience the doubles duty music packed for like legitimately i bought it played a lotta old wutang over def jam games that's kind of similar plans plus they didn't the dipped jim games have soundtracks already but then i just play my own walesa over okay fair enough listen to jazz when we play melee turn them came music down listen to coal smooth jazz smoky i'm just cut some soundtracks yes yet on 360 that was such coffee chai hadas amtrak i put together for like playing burnout revenge on 360 is it would integrate the music like under the sound of that right it makes anything for you right yes such a cool i guess from paradise also gotten paradise uh i've levin girlfriend yeah just turn everything else sp five then play the crash not crash mood was the like we trade show time i happily kill other cars let's see mail from diner with recent many and classic releases of old consoles do you think there would be enough incentive for sodhi to make an actual hardwarebased throwback consul for pierce won two titles won with a disruptor would be most interesting for collectors and people that have a bunch of old favorites tucked in the closet the do you think they will just stick to reselling the games digitally and not bother with hardware even if doing that adds cost and requires jumping through the hoops of relicensing and indeed many like solution from a third party would also be cool that i'm guessing the ps 1 and 2 hardware is too complex for that i'm enjoying the recent all games content on the site a lot and blame you for eating supermarket lasagna for lunch today.

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