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A little bit to really drive excitements in to really drive awareness into really drive just the whole energy that you want back towards your podcast and that would be a virtual summit so if you ever been a part of ortho virtual summit hanukkah which i have though remember it was last september actually i did the first online summits s lash conwell conference latch way you call it no it would have been oh we i was part of the summer wasn't yeah this is perfect and so this is over so as part of that summit and one thing that i see people doing that i think that you may be did you talk about a little bit if you did but what i see a lot of people not doing the do these type of things is repurposing that content and very powerful way so now you're the opportunity to say you know what i'm gonna do a summit on specific topics let's say that topic is going to be you know instagram influencers like how to become an instagram influence now there's a lot of people out there that are building their lives and their business and jerry all their revenue for mr game you know they're out there they're sharing pictures cool quotes they're doing videos all these different things and they're having a lot of opportunities to become quote unquote scrim influencers because there's companies that are reaching out that are saying hey i want to sponsor you i want you to promote this product or that product i can actually officially now say that i'm going to influence her because dove soap reach out to me and said hey we want to promote our dove men's soap during this it was really cool and guess what it was not for a little amount of money like i don't have an knocks amount of followers i think i'm getting close to thirty seven thousand followers right now but you know there are people in the hundreds of thousands of people in the millions of followers but dove identified me as a micro influencers and i was able to with one reimpose and just a couple of mentions in instagram story you know generate almost five figures of revenue from that and that's not having a ton of followers comparative to some of the bigger instrument fluence was out there so there's just a lot of tutors and i'm kind of digressing a little bit but it's just the point of what is that one inch the one niece that you can really build this exciting virtual summit slash panel around interview ten or fifteen or twenty people specifically in this new whatever that niche might be the new set you set the interviews up you have the conversations you know it's a summit so you kind have this vibe like this one day event or this two day event whoever you set it up and you have all this content uber drive all the traffic to it and have them share with their audience and so then you kind of get all this going on and guess what you can have sponsors for that virtual summit and one of your sponsors can be your podcast and one of the sponsors can be different things going to dry people back to your content and then you're not just looking at that content in the virtual summit as he stand alone content you're going to be able to repurpose that.

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