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Role of eric. Metaxas oh do my best album. Try to do your best to play. album sadar. We're gonna get through this together. Exciting in a few minutes. I want to announce what's happening in this hour in a few minutes. I'm talking to. Mike pompeo former secretary of state for the united states of america. This is the guy that sat toe to toe with. Kim jong hoon But who has and gave him a wedgie and kim jong un is so out of touch he didn't even realize what happened. Yeah so pompeo is coming up in the next segment. I should announce yesterday and the day before which is monday and tuesday. This week i was in tampa florida at the. Charlie kirks teepee usa turning point usa student action summit was i mean i don't know but i was there and i got to interview people. That normally wouldn't like mike. Mike pompeo and on the beach. You've got a great tan. I was not a great tan. And i didn't get to go to the beach and that's that's a bitter bitter thing for me that i was all the way down here in. I didn't get to hang out in the sun at all. Okay but so seriously in a couple of minutes mike. Pompeii oh folks Yla was down there. I also interviewed seth dylan of the babylon be. He's the guy behind the babylon be the ceo. And that's a great conversation. Which will air this week Jack poso a beak jack pa- sobek You probably don't know who he is but you will and you should. I've been following him on twitter. He's i won't go into it but we Caught up with him. And then dr james lindsay another guy that i don't know how to describe him. He is genius academic. Who i won't even get into it. Okay but but here's the other thing before we get to. Mike pompeo yes. Yesterday i interviewed. Ben shapiro roy. Not for this program. No c. span book tv Booknotes came to me and said eric we want you. Eric metaxas to interview ben shapiro about his new book. The authoritarian moment on c. span book tv. Wow and i said you can't afford me that we actually don't pay money. And i said see and then they said well we were desperate. And that's right. So i interviewed ben shapiro and it was really interesting because i don't really know ben and so you know it's one of these things where he's pretty serious and i figure i'm book on book tv on c. Span i've got to be serious. So i felt like i had all three hands tied behind my back but it was a good exercise because it without cracking jokes you can get a lot more done but it was a wonderful conversation and we will you know when it comes out with his pr person and we will have him on this show as a result. Show of what i did with him yesterday. I said we got to continue the conversation so he will be on this program soon next week. Next week shapiro. Yup i also should announce a couple things coming up We're gonna do these. Ask metaxas segments regularly We'll probably run it today. Just because we had some time. But i think typically we're going to do it every thursday in our to the first ten minutes of our two. It's going to be asked metaxas On instagram only. Just because it's kind complicated. Why shouldn't say instagram. Only but typically on instagram people can send in their questions. Every wednesday on my story will take the questions. So we're gonna to do this. Every wednesday ask metaxis okay but just to just because we can do some ask metaxas. Today we get some great questions. Some baffling questions. Yeah okay before we get to. Mike pompeo Do i have time. I do have time I was in maine this weekend. Now main in my mind maine is a place you drive to and it's far and that's why you never go there 'cause who drive seven hours to main it just doesn't nobody has the time well. I discovered a crazy thing. If you're invited to preach in a church in maine yes you can fly there. So i went to. Jfk airport got on a plane and she zam like eight minutes later. I land in the middle of maine bangor maine and you know what i learned. Know what it's not pronounced bangor maine. Bangor maine is wrong. Bangor bangor so i was in bangor maine and as soon as i got there. I said something about bangor. And they said it's it's bangor so bangor or bangor. Bangor maine is a place where my friend. Ken graves has a church. Now can graves. He's a living cartoon figure he's like curtis leila like there's certain people that they're they're really cartoon figures come to life. Mike lindell is another one. Ken graves is He's he's he's such a man's man he's got a voice. I can't even do his voice. You have to gargle with gravel for two decades before you can. Approximate was voice. Sounds like but he's just He's the kind of man that no matter who you are. As a guy he makes you feel effeminate. Not in a good way and i preached in his church but the night before he and his wife took me and some of the family members out to a place called. Young's it's i think it's in belfast. Maine i forget and a lobster place. You sit outside and can being a man's man he said we're gonna get you a two and a half three pound lobster now for me. That's that's kind of lobster. I'm always interested in but you can't afford that. You know if you eat in a restaurant. I it just like this place. I had two two and a half pound lobsters to and i got gout and really. My career ended right there but it was so incredible. And while we're sitting there eating lobster we're joking around about something and kens wife says something about race car. I don't know it was like this crazy conversation. And i said something about drag racing and i brought up don the snake predom- do you know that name not okay. Well that's to me. That's like drag racing royalty don the snake prudhomme and kens wife. Janette says that's my brother. It was one of those freaking moments where you're thinking. Is anybody watching like this just happened. It was so bizarre. Anyway i had so much fun with them. That i think of them as family and i can't wait to go back there and talk about my book. Is atheism dead. So i just wanted to tell people before tampa. I was in maine and it was a bizarre thing to fly from maine like the middle of maine all the way down from the northernmost part of the east coast all the way down to the southernmost but it was just a bizarre thing. I get stuck in dc all right so do we have time to talk about the i. Patra should we do that later. No we should. We should do that. That's very serious. It's something that's coming from the You yeah okay. Old health is a chapel. A second serious. I'm talking to mike pompeo and then we're gonna do the eye patch thing folks. This is real. This is really solid stuff. You need to pay attention. So right after pompeo Which we recorded two days ago. We're going to do that and then we're going to do ask metaxas and you know what. Let me let me say this to what. Sorry i was gonna say. You didn't even ask. I took a few days off people to all this slow. So tell us well. It was funny. We were going to go on vacation but we cancel our vacation to lake george because it looked like it was going to rain all five days. We're going to try to be away so in an eye on sunday we went to rabbi jonathan cons church for vacation. I know you went to rabbi church for vacations in the middle of new jersey. Vacation is al after we got out after he led us out. It was unbelievable. We said like. Why don't we just go to the ocean grove..

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