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A Arctic valve a year and a half ago in here is experience it it is a problem VA says it's part of the medical profession shortage. But also that it's doing a good job keeping up with the bag and sees the past eighteen months vets see something more sinister. This may be an excuse to talking about privatizing the VA because we have long lines. The long lines were created by the lack of staff Schumer calls filling the vacancies a priority in Gramercy. Mike, sugarman, WCBS NewsRadio eighty. Police arrested a man early yesterday for DWI after he drove his pickup truck off a footbridge into a canal in oakdale Suffolk County. Police say Christian I ala Garcia was heading along Miami road when he tried to drive across the footbridge on the truck veered off and into the KC the thirty five year old from central Islip gone out of the truck and started running but officers eventually caught up with him. I Alex is charged with driving while intoxicated and is scheduled to go before a judge later this morning, Connecticut. First responders arrived on the scene in New Haven early Sunday after someone reported seeing a car go into the mill river police say firefighters went into went into the water, but more able to extricate the driver from the car who died it's believed the vehicle slam to a fence and into the water. Police have not publicly identify the twenty eight year old man who lived in Madison and autopsy will determine the cause of death..

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