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Say this and as cliche but it's true you want to tell you the tape tuesday really kind of circulate. So that all twenty two which finally it's back on game pass thank goodness but i think when you when you when you see the tape. I think what you will see a lot of mistakes. The snaps are a problem. They continue to be a problem even the ones that are getting away. Some of them are off target. I thought andrew andre. Gm settled into that a little bit as the game went on. Got a little bit better but early in the game. They're all over the place and you know we've seen two different games now where that's been an issue really big losses based on on bad snaps. So they need to continue to fix that and they need to get better all along the offensive line. But when i was getting at is it seem like at least in the run game. They finally found a rhythm. Lay i think a lot of that was wearing down the dolphins the events but you saw pain bar was hitting the holes heart and i think it was wearing out some of the front and you get to one of the ways to get guys that are struggling to block on the often. The line is to let them get downhill and just push guys around. That's what they can do. And you saw these other do that a little bit so i think that's going to be an encouraging. Sign for the raiders to get that offers online and even just a little bit today. You talked about. Also the defensive tone setter casey hayward turning around things. What do you think needs to be done. That the raiders. Don't keep getting off to these like rocky shaky starts. How do they better game. Plan coming up here against the chargers in los angeles to be able to have the game not be such a slow rocky start ed. I'll also was wondering was looking at his spanish. That was coming to me. I i will say and we've seen this actually just reminded me that i forgot to put this story but we can actually write about this later in the week. I think nine straight games where they have not scored on the opening possession. The raiders. So i think that's leading to it a little bit and don't forget that's like a lot of teams in the league. The raiders like descript there. I that should be your best. Your best series you should. You should have something going early because you have all week to prepare those those plays and it hasn't worked out lately. We saw another struggle on the on. The first driver struggle. Enough second drive. Really of their drives for the raiders today. So yeah you're right choppy starts. They have to fix that. And i think that'll be addressed a you know with the team to say. Hey you need to. You need to have something ready to go. Maybe even go for like a big play right off the top. The raiders like to come out and kinda establish a little bit to running plays the game as often what they like to do. Last week the came through a little bit early. But i think they may take a shot. Take a deep shot early in the game next week just to kind of set the tone it and shake things up a little bit in terms of those bad starts right here certainly okay. How cool is it to watch hunter. Renfro play that guy is so good he squarely. I don't know about that. I just think he's really good. He doesn't believe simon's like he's he deck so good yeah and like after the game is up there like with his backpack in and gatorade and just talking like oh god. It wasn't catered. It was some kind of pillow pocket. I don't know what these things are. What what are pillow pockets. What are pillow pockets. I don't know what pillow pocket star. I don't know what you're talking about. Hunter renfrew was the star of the post game because he brought crystals to the post game which are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no crust. They're phenomenal. they come in a little bag. They're one of the best foods known to man. And i don't know where you got pillow pocket their pillow pockets because i thought it was shaped like a pillow shaped like a pillow kinda browse cross. I thought it was like a little like it's got an edge. You're doing like a half moon moon inside of half moon simply bread with no crust so simple it's not sourdot no some all that fancy in the crystals marketed frozen. You let it out defrost. Maybe that's it in his pocket. Be able to let it defrost faster little. This is something that we want. Wide receivers Eating is that okay for him to do yes. Yes no surprise there. Right can't be the healthiest. I thought they were pillow pockets. I'm sorry all good one hundred renfro. No when i said squirrelly i mean because like i watched him on on the sideline do this incredible catch where he like literally put his knees under him dragged his toes scooped up a low pass. Caught it then got back up and turn so quickly on a dime to start trying to run back down the other way i mean. He didn't have much room to run but he picked up another couple yards. I mean those are the kinds of things that like. Not everybody can do the intangibles the way that he's able to control his potty when he needs to to make incredible catches in plays and. That's one of the other things i wanted to get on here about with the wide receivers was like the emergence of brian edwards. Henry rex this season. Everyone was saying one or the other needs to set up I mean step up the season. But i feel like both of them are really starting to come into their own when they're targeted. I think there was five targets for edwards. Told three receptions They blink the. Don't have it up in front of me. But i think rugs had a four four catches on the game. So adam what do you think of their emergence really impressive in you know jon. Gruden was asked about the confidence. He has in them and he said well. We had confidence in them on draft day. That's all we picked them. And that's what we want to see from that. And i i think that that's where they're at. I mean they made these guys. A starters in the off season derek carr said hey. They came to work every day six. Am though the ball around. They became starting wide receivers. And you're seeing them. Emerge more and more brian edwards more and more part of the offense henry rugs. They've been getting the ball. Near the line of scrimmage them make some plays. that's i think key to even opening up the game a little bit more. We saw the big play deep last week. We saw more of a playmaker mode this week and he was motivated. He said by commenting they want to say from who. We did..

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