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Yeah that was fan tastic sound of the Rockies barbershop quartet you guys were really really good thanks so much yeah coterie so you guys are Dave Adam Franklin Paul Paul how long have you been together is a barber shop quartet we've been singing together for just the four of us a couple years yeah apple months I'm sorry to hear how many barbershop quartets to sound the Rockies have a we have sixteen quartets out there delivering singing Valentine is this I mean I you guys singing around but it's just like your busy time of year people say this is a neat gift to give somebody says something that that bars of course is do all over the United States pretty much anywhere you are in the country you're gonna be able to find it of course it's got quartets out delivered Valentine's day huge day for us how surprised are I imagine mostly the ladies that you go to their workplace and you come in there and all of their co workers come around and are pretty excited out it draws a crowd and it's the you know you get two years and you get some blood run sometimes but sometimes it's it's it's fun to sing some Valentine so the gentleman to all of that would be good so do you do I mean you probably have your repertoire but you do requests of people so he can you sing to some seemingly national you know the song will sing of Korea absolutely who let the dogs out something you know people say Hey I you know love stinks of have a little fun with Valentine's something kind of your silly like that we might be throw some how much is a singing Valentine telegram today and can I still get one you guys all booked up we are not booked up and you can absolutely still getting you run out of time though it is Valentine's day we're gonna be delivering a starting at eight o'clock this morning at sixty dollars you can order them on our website all day long gonna be delivering insulate I believe six or eight o'clock tonight best websites out of the Rockies dot com can go there yeah what is the IBM you get the tears you get the joy is there ever been a reaction the stone you guys off to say that is not what I was into sat was my ex husband who said yeah you know I I remember delivering one in a mechanics shop was in the garage and his boss had purchased it for a minute was a total spoof in homes like under the car had no idea video input on line it was great so how much time does sound of the Rockies take up for you guys this is a really me I don't know if it's a part time job for you but it's got to be a pass we meet every Thursday night yeah and and you know it's those of us that are involved in other things as you know the music team or a board of directors or core tad Sir you know probably three days a week for most of us I would say yeah what are your professions outside of this mean all can sing professionally but what else you guys I'm a stay at home dad okay three daughters I'm a technical writer a technical writer and I work at a bank manager okay and on the server bartender not all you guys are all a word that's awesome can we hear one more song yeah where we say goodbye sound of the Rockies dot com sixty Bucks today get that singing Valentine for your loved one my well I would be thank you for and you you I and so see you I and you too we also sounds of coloring I had straight guys thanks so much we appreciate it thank you checking your drive right now.

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