Dopamine discussed on Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran


Despite the fact that you know, you're tired and you have other monkeys competing with you. And then after few hours you're hungry. Again, you look around for something to eat and dopamine motivates that whole cycle again, but between no dopamine. So that's why I'm totally not into this thing about the dopamine type or person who is a low dopamine tight because it's meant to have. Ups and downs, and we're meant were all meant to need all of them aside rant here for a second doctor in today's world, it's so easy to feel bad because we're comparing ourselves on social media. There's al- almost like a demonization of feeling back if anyone feels bad for any moment of time, there's something wrong with us, at least that's my perception. And I'm curious if all bring chemicals have a positive and negative side, how do you consult with people of either when they feel bad to start feeling good or to look at a different way of processing why they feel bad. Okay. Another tigon question. Get ready for a lot of those. So in terms of the expectation that we can have a peak positive feeling at every moment that's not realistic, that is what has been sold to us by modern medicine. So I don't think it's really helpful to a person to believe that. I think they're better off understanding the job that they're brain chemicals evolved to do so that they can feel comfortable with the natural ups and downs and take small steps to stimulating them only.

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