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Welcome back to what bill five and we are joined by Jim Davey executive director of the Reese's senior bowl longtime NFL scout eighteen years and now he's here the part of ESPN's draft coverage Jim welcome good to have you here yeah I could see just tell me what your plan is we're gonna be doing with you this weekend this weekend whatever they want me to do so it's better it's been on radio row or you know NFL live shows or sports center hits whatever whatever they need to do I'm here to do how many sets do they have how many locations that tapers they inside the stadium too yeah the main radio row and the main one is in that north side of the stadium other than that I've seen this I've never been back here before that this is weird for me so come this my twenty third combine you know always came here as a scout so I put something on Twitter the other day the first time ever pack to suit to go it was it's a whole different deal this is the nuts and bolts right here tell us what it's like as a scout to come to the combine like what are the days like pretty long days I think it's groundhog day for sure you know early mornings especially I was a group leader here for seven years said you're you're basically the shepherd for the players to make sure they're getting from point a to point the point point B. and those are some really early mornings you know the guy you wake you guys up at four thirty five o'clock to do their drug test and one day so it that's a grind you're talking about a group leader like a group of players yeah but players so eight or ten yeah no no bigger it's almost fifty all in one reservation group is that it yeah so like I always had a quarterback receiver group they put them together a little bit the love like seven QB's in about forty wide outs yes so you you have that whole group it's you and there's two group assistant leaders and you just make sure they get MRIS shepherd around make sure they get where they got so those are some really long days but you know what the combine is for for scouts is you know like the work out part of it is you know Lexi in the forty yard dash time zero scouts always put down you know what they think a guy place which is the most important thing right you watch the tape and he he plays like a four four five guy you know and then he comes here he runs a four six flat like oh boy gonna go watch we're taping see if this is real but it's just you know it's fact finding its it's you know just trying to find out you know like the hand sized thing Joe burrows hand says thing the other day got blown up and again I think it's because where it was early in the week there's nothing else to talk about but all that does is from a scouting perspective is make you go back to the tape try to find Joe's games we played some bad weather and see if it affected how we control the ball on that that's all it is asking about timing in fact you had a tweet earlier this week and the guy's been around this for years almost two decades you still get excited about being down on field level watching guys run forties which they just started the last day or two yeah you know the special guys like it's really fun for me like that's part of scouting to that I appreciate is just how fun it sectional these guys are athletically you know I mean it's it's it's really I mean that that's the essence of scouting is defined the great ones you know and I know Steve does Steve played at the one of the greats of all time so he played with bunch all Famers and he should be hall of Famer himself but but no I I appreciate that stuff so when you see a guy like Henry Ruggs last year at the Alabama junior pro day and I was time of the ten you're destined he comes whizzing by you feel that breeze and you're like whoa that was you know you have to look at your watch that you know that you like you know faster you see fast and and so those are it's still really cool yeah it's hard to be and I've said this before the show and and it's hard to beat to wow people at this level because you know you see you see your your round pro football players all the time you see fantastic you to seek unbelievable plays in practice right and you see these guys doing stuff it's hard to wow you guys got sick like who would do it for two decades I mean here I was around when you know I saw Bo Jackson you know yes Dionne I play I chase the on you know that kind of stuff yeah so it's it's hard to impress people who around guys like that and it's hard to be fast in a league full of fast pull a fast guy N. but it does it does happen and that's why I think fans and media get excited when guys like you know what I do you even start whispering about guys use like what it used to see what that guy did yeah you know we were just talking a second ago before we came on about my first experience in the league was in Green Bay in ninety six and I'll never forget us outside the locker room one day and there is a huge commotion either I thought there is a fight going on and I walk in the locker room and it was in the back corner where the D. lineman in the linebackers were and now they're just screaming and yelling going back and forth and I was like what is this all about they were back there all comparing stories of how Barry Sanders made them look stupid and I thought it was great like they were all trading stories about all man that's I mean maybe to so like yeah we went when when you're that young mean special special and I just to play in the NFL you've got to be phenomenal but then like to see the grades I mean those guys are a whole different level how is this guy out how do you use those forty times yeah there's football speed that isn't football speed when around the forty that he you know he just as a scout you just hope that all measures up to what you see on the tape I mean there's guys today that like do you want Jennings there's a receiver from Tennessee in this year's draft one Jennings and you know it the people that I know what Tennessee he might run a four seven forty time keep you don't play that way now I mean he he's got really good temple off the line and into intermediate stuff like are you gonna stretch the field of them no the Kitty you know can you work that middle part of the field and catch the Balinese physical as all get out like you can't tackle the guy so to me like if I'm a scout in I give this guy a third round grade any runs a four seven I mean that's going to meet a lot of people in the organization they haven't seen the player yet are gonna want a third round out of four seventy I forget that well let's get back to the tape you know to me that's always the most important thing is get back to the ten I know I don't know this particular white a list you know you talk about why doesn't running backs the same thing you can get a guy that runs of you know Chris Johnson who runs a four two or something or of our real fast time and and some of those guys have trouble a because of their speed explosives have trouble slowing down heart stopping harden turned in and change control and acerola yeah they didn't run fast but they can't right the single stop then they get to the top of the rock right wipe out right the double or they or they can't stop part after it takes them seven steps to slow down rather than just a two or three that you needed to I need to get a guy's a four five or four six guy that can do it very well and create better separation even though is a lot slower yeah the most the most overrated thing for running backs a stop in speed in my opinion we had this but I was in Seattle was my last job with the Seahawks and we had a little back and forth with with members of the staff on the importance of speed and we re there is there is of a faction of us that you know really liked Nick Chubb there was no H. others a couple of the others one other guy they were they were like right four six you know in in you know like there's a couple guys that wanted a four four guy really because there's been so many good running backs or four six or we went down the list we pulled it up and that's the great thing about computers now and yeah I just pull that data up so you know you just run it you run a query of guys that are run for six and it's like a who's who of the probable over the last twenty years so yeah I mean some of these numbers stuff it's great for TV to that'll be fun on on prime time but is a scout I mean you always got to go back to the tape how do they play how they play and Pat's right right with Jim Nikki he's executive director of the Reese's senior bowl in mobile Alabama which senior ball players are here that you are interested in keeping my at today who to get you get your eyes on based on their performance in mobile ala hundred twenty I love I love those guys that whole receiver crew like everyone's talking right now about this junior class of of jury duty and and you know CD lamin T. Higgins in those guys but I wanna see dense elements from Baylor I want to see Antonio Gandy golden from liberty had a great week at senior bowl to see how those guys I think that there I wanna see other test because I think they're gonna shocks how many guys are overlapping were in the senior bowl played spent the week there and then came here because there's a there's always that you get a lot of guys that you know I'm not gonna work out there but a lot of guys are like I'll do everything you ask him to show up every place I have the chance to yeah those are the guys you want right we had a of that we had a hundred twenty two guys in mobile and a hundred twenty got combine invites yes those night almost ninety nine percent of the guys which is which is which is good you know we're happy about that number I think we had four last year that didn't get invited to the combine in the two that didn't frankly I don't know how they did that didn't make sense to me we would we would have invited him but but now it's it's you do you want those guys at every opportunity to compete they're gonna do it right who is like a prototypical senior bowl player not a name but the type of player who can benefit from going to the senior bowl and having that as part of their resume going into the draft well to me I think you know we had ten first round picks last year which was a huge bike for us we were like it three four and three in the past for the past few years before that we'll see how this this year's class pans out to me that I think the guys the very high end of the draft the.

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