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A. member FDIC Clements big changes on the forty acres with the Texas coaching staff what does this mean for bowl season what does it mean for next season it means a Texas going to spend a whole bunch of money adding Jason forty six the microphone broadcast excellence only if he the drive by media today wanted this to be a great very grave historical sol I wanna be able to stop what they were doing and again very very serious and solemn no I understand now desperately needed an important here again Donald Trump thrown out of the office so is the war but they haven't pulled it off they wanted to be a priest no not really because I don't like god religion but they wanted to be the equivalent of a father confessor but they know it's B. S. they know it's all politics and what's not grave the no it's not Saddam they know that you have not fallen into line here's after Chuck Todd this morning NBC special coverage Lester Holt says pause for this moment in your in time if you will impeachment it's a stain it's a mark of shame something that will be noted in history I was struck both just last night and this morning how on remarkable today is suddenly felt suddenly feels and I say that because it is remarkable what's happening it is historic what's happening and yet it feels like let's be honest Lester this feels like we're coming on they are dealing with a government shutdown threat not impeachment and the reason I say it that way is because that is how one nam I think our politics is to what were they saying I mean this should be a moment where the whole country is basically having their own got check where we are having a national conversation trying to figure this out and the fact that we're not having it just tells you how known we are to the politics at no charge no it's a testament that in a your has been newsradio he'll be J. on Patrick Osborne this news brought to buy so to weight loss president trump now one step closer to becoming a third U. S. president in history to be impeached as he's charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress is representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma after truncated investigation that denied the president due process cherry picked evidence and witness testimony to fit their narrative Democrats in the house are pressing forward with a partisan impeachment vote a two thirds vote in the Senate would still be required to actually remove the president from office the developer of a proposed eighty Pat RV park less than a mile away from Hamilton pool wins approval to begin construction Travis county says the developer has to begin a study on ground water and the widening of stage coach road and a former private school principal is accused of stealing more than a hundred seven thousand dollars by creating fake invoices police say Kathleen Adam McLaren always used a fake invoices to receive reimbursement checks while she was principal for.

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