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Life of the law is brought to you by i shares when will you retire or for college for every when unita how i shares understands how to build for tomorrow today i shares by black rock inspired to build i named on your hair your home for mayor marion our opinion next turns the problem of what the judicial rose should be i hate mornings does nothing worse than waking up from your dreams to assail who six by nine confine stretch into their horizons if your future an this is light at the law an ubuntu and i'm life of the laws senior producer tony gannon you guys probably don't know my voice very well most of my work that life laws behind the scenes billion for nancy lane this week and i think nancy asked me to fill in because i do have a connection to the episode you are about to hear live loss and quentin that two years ago a nancy invited me in to san quentin to this event nancy for context was my air mentor at the time cessation of independent radio producer organisation that some of you might be familiar with so she invited me in and it was my very first time going into san quentin what i experienced that evening blew my mind now nancy nye have gone back and forth the bid on what it means to air something that was alive event um and i think there is a lot to be said about keeping live of ants as live events only if you miss it that sort of it that's that you know that's the point is to be there but the power of this episode will speak for itself the the men that you're about to here really are putting themselves in a vulnerable place and there's an intimacy to the stories and there was a but an impact of being there with them uh i ended up doing a sort of video for the inmates uh it was my first exposure i think to working with media related to inmates and in realizing that the work that i did on the outside had a real real impact to the people on on the inside but more than anything i think i learn um.

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