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Doing sports centers. This is what I WANNA do. I don't know where Bristol Connecticut is but sign me up when you guys started doing the eleven o'clock sportscenter. When did you start that eighty nine when I got there? I started doing the eleven o'clock I think three months in with Bodley I think if remember right in the late eighties early nineties they would repeat that sportscenter basically seven or eight times from eleven pm until seven or eight. No you would have the eleven live one o'clock live. One o'clock would play in the morning. Okay Okay but you would require the eleven o'clock played elite twice Sunday night aired all Monday more okay. That's it then because in in college we used to watch it to the point that I'd watch your Sunday sportscenter three or four times college student staying up late and I knew when the cub highlight there'd be thirteen after the hour and then the feature on blank would be twenty four hour you just over and over and over I remember our boss Steve Bornstein and really very sharp executive and he said <hes> we're going to replay. WE'RE GONNA rear ear sportscenter or like. How would you do that and he goes? You know that morning so you have a whole generation that watch sports center in the morning and then we wanted you to watch sports center when you got up before for you went to school and therefore you couldn't stay up at eleven o'clock or one o'clock in the morning and it was brilliant because you we made sportscenter there for you we you it was available whenever you wanted it it was there and and it was a brilliant tactical move by Steve Bornstein because these kids who were couldn't stay up till eleven o'clock or one o'clock in the morning. We're getting sportscenter at six A._M.. Before they went off to school so very fortunate but the best thing that ever happened is sportscenter was we had the big east and that big Monday with the Big East in the big twelve and we had an audience that lead into the eleven o'clock sportscenter and also Sunday night Sunday night baseball you had an if you don't have that audience then people aren't necessarily staying with you or in the appointment viewing and we're very lucky with that very lucky that we had the pro life programming. That's what everybody wants. They want live programming lead leading into the studio shows. I saw mclovin. We're going to stay with that. Poll question one more poll question. I can save it. Go ahead but it's a little bit conscious will make people mad. Who is the Premier College football team in the nation? I'm only giving you two choices. One wears orange one wears red or Crimson Alabama Clemson. Who's WHO's the premier team and I know people thought I was crazy? When I said try this? Ask Your friends what conference Clemson plays in just casual sports fan. He go man. Hey what do you think a Clemson in the S._e._C.. Nobody's going to bat and I if they're casual sportsman will go yeah you know. Can they win another national championship there in the A._C._C. but they play like there in the S._e._C. and I think that's what <hes> that's interesting when it comes to how they transformed that program also did you see where they they had the media day between Clemson and Alabama and you had one of the players his name is Dylan. Moses Alabama linebacker he dismissed Clemson was the better team in the College Football playoff national title game despite despite the fact that they got be forty four sixteen it was more preparation Moses said of Clemson's win. I wouldn't say they were a better team. So is Moses coming down from the mountain saying that Nick Sabin didn't do a good job in prepping his team name. Wouldn't you say the other to the contrary. You know what we just didn't play well. They outplayed us not preparation because that sounds like coach didn't do his job. Moses had ample praise for Georgia which hasn't defeated Alabama since two thousand seven. Oven he said the bulldogs are definitely the hardest team. I have played in college all right a little trash talking there. I like it what mclovin and first of all you have what nine weeks to prepare for that you're saying Nick Sabin then prepare for Clemson that's insane but Clemson was the better team and instead of just saying they were the better team that day. You know we didn't play that well when you say we weren't prepared then you're saying you know what Nick Sabin didn't prepare us there eight seven seven three D._p.. Show email address sepia. Dan Patrick Dot Com twitter handle with D._p.. Show you could watch on dot com direct. T._V.'s audience don't Channel Two thirty nine. We're on three hundred sixty radio affiliates around the country. Look who's on the couch over there. Joe's in town Joe Joe's in town looking good. He's wearing a shirt. Fortunately that means we don't have to go. It's early. It's early. We haven't even started the interviewed wait till he sits down and we all take our shirts off Yep. He's as a professional actor. He could drop that shared one second he could. He could rip it all right now and once again. I'm all in anybody else. Only ended up. Joe Takes off his shirt not if he does because I know I don't look good but next to him. Am I look really bad all right. We'll take a break here. Joe Manganiello will join US got a baseball movie out that takes place in the Bronx but I know he's big football guy steeler fan. Maybe I don't know how big steeler fan is now with <hes> A._B.. Gun Levy on bell going. I do think the steelers are going to be underrated this year all right. We'll take a break coming up on eighteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show okay. 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