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Discuss kyle welcome to discover Fiat. Yeah thank you for being here What a day we're living in right? I mean, this is crazy times we're on zoom. So thank you for putting up again with Maya learning. Curve. Isn't unsettled time with Kobe pandemic going on a lot of. Changes in the world. Immunity and in the legal community, right? Well we met actually Anita bag know who is in charge of all things going on in downtown Lafayette encourage made meet with you and you've been kind enough to spend time with me. And you know Jones Walkers one got a reputation that's impeccable and you've got a big presence in downtown Lafayette in Chase Tower and I know that if we can talk first about Maybe how you ended up there and then we'll start talking about downtown in what you see but I want you to get in your home hometown background before we start that so. Sure. Yeah. So like you said, I was born and raised here in Lafayette. At. High Graduate Nineteen ninety-six go Monday lines. And You know came through the ranks ear in. That you will undergrad they went on to Lsu law school clerked for. A federal judge Alexandria for a year after law school and I came back to practice with the former Paredo ease law firm ear in Lafayette which was in in chase towers as you mentioned and there was A. Time. Where I left and actually commuted to baton. Rouge to award law firm in Baton Rouge. That's when I got into mostly the transactional side of the practice while I was gone firm the the the Jones Walker fire some a portion of the former red always law firm Longman Russo it was called at the time. And and then I came back to work with the same group that left back in two, thousand, two, thousand, eight. So, Win Jones Walker did that acquisition Jones walkers had a presence in Lafayette or probably thirty some years in fact Lafayette. Was the first office of Jones. Walker outside of New Orleans. And so it's it's had a presence here for thirty some odd years. In with that acquisition in two thousand nine I. Believe it was the footprint here grew sizably..

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