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Hello from Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will Manteca. If you've been listening for awhile. You know that on encyclopedias were Monica. We're making every month women's history month but in honor of March the official women's history month rededicating the whole month to talking about feminists women who fought for gender equity. We have a bunch of really exciting content planned so stay tuned to the end of episode to hear more are women if the day was an activist and reformer who pioneered the field of social work contributed to the study of sociology and advocated for the inclusion of women in the public sphere. She was a suffrage EST and philosopher who co-founded the ACLU and was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Let's talk about Jane. Addams Jane was born on September six eighteen sixty in Cedar Ville Illinois. She was the second youngest of nine children in a very prominent family. Her father was successful. Had friends in high places. Including Abraham Lincoln. Jane's mother passed away when Jane was just two years old from an early age Jane was determined to do something to make a difference in the world. She attended rockford female seminary and graduated in eighteen. Eighty one after that. She decided she wanted to become a doctor to help. Serve the needs of the poor. Jane attended one year of Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania before dropping out due to illness. Her career and medicine was dead. But Jane's desire for mission driven work was still kicking. It was an era of social reform and activism in eighteen eighty nine Jane and her friend Ellen Gates Starr decided to visit a settlement house in London called Twain. Bohol in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries settlement houses were created by people who offered educational services and attempted to combat poverty particularly in neighborhoods with high immigrant populations in industrial cities. These centers provided space for people from very different backgrounds to interact and exchange ideas as such settlement houses were breeding grounds for new social reforms. Jane and Ellen were so inspired by twenty hall that they decided to create their own settlement house called Hull House. In Chicago's West Side House provided lots of different services to people in the industrial neighborhood including adult education and job training kindergarten in daycare job placement acculturation classes and cooking. There was a Community Center Art Gallery and a gym with success of Hull House. Under her belt Jane became a very active and well known speaker and reformer for a wide variety of causes. She successfully called for juvenile court system lobbied for better sanitation and factory laws and advocated for Labor reforms. At the core of her work was the desire to improve the lots of women and children at the University of Chicago. Chain helped establish a school of social work and thereby opened a new career field predominantly served by women. She also made significant contributions to the academic field of sociology and was a charter member of the American Sociological Society. In an essay entitled Utilization Of Women In city government Jane compared the government to a household. She argued that certain functions of the government fell under the traditional women's sphere. She said women have more knowledge and ability to make decisions on things like sanitation educating children and should therefore be given the right to vote. Jane was an officer and the National American woman suffrage association and was one of the founders of the N. W. C. P. Jane was also unavowed pacifist when World War One began. Jane attempted to convince. President Woodrow Wilson to serve as mediator for the warring factions. That obviously didn't work out. When the US entered the conflict Jane protested and was branded dangerous. Radical Jane travel to the warring nations with a group of fellow protesters in an attempt to bring peace at the end of the war. Jane argued that the Nineteen Nineteen peace treaty was so harsh on Germany that it would lead to another war. Her prediction proved savvy that same year. Jane helped found the women's international league for Peace and freedom. She was president of the Organization. Until nineteen twenty nine and honorary president for the rest of her life in nineteen twenty. Jane also helped found the American Civil Liberties Union in Nineteen thirty one. Jane was the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. Promoting world peace for years later on May Twenty First Nineteen thirty five. She died she was seventy four years old. Jane addams legacy lives on the fields policies and reforms. She helped to shape as promised at the beginning of this episode. Here's a little more information about what you'll be hearing on encyclopedia a Manica for the rest of March this month. We'll be focusing on feminists from throughout history. We've covered feminists in every theme. So far what differentiates this month is that we'll be looking at women who are particularly important. The women's rights movement the suffrage movement and or modern feminism and feminist theory. This month's group is not an exhaustive list by any means. We're sticking to a smaller time range in our regular weekday episode so that we can really focus. In on weekends we're going to be highlighting favourite feminists from past months chosen by other podcast hosts be love and we'll be talking about modern feminists brought to you by our sponsor this month. I've ever this month of Encyclopedias. Manteca is brought to you by fiver an online marketplace connecting businesses with freelancers who offer hundreds of digital services including graphic design. 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