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Three to one and we're back it is October the twenty ninth and we have a great podcasts for all of you guys today Julie Harris who has not yet grabbed her microphone. Here you go. Don't go but just hold it ready to rumble and we have a really good topic and this topic is as a result like all of our topics from a listener and and student demand. So when you guys are asking the same questions, Julian I often see that pattern developing and remember we've got thirteen or fifteen different coaches I know at a budget different staff and so. They always reporting back to us where the what the primary issues that they're hearing back from their their coaching clients says, we have coaching clients all over the United States, we have literally tens of thousands of coaching clients. So I think we've got a pretty good read on what the collective Zeitgeist is all of you, and so when we present a topic on the podcast, let alone a series of topics podcast. It is directly from what we know is going to help majority of you the most in that is certainly the theme with today's show. Now remind all of you guys. That yes. The election is going to happen what next week thank God that's going to be over with and I hope it does get over with yes and I I'll tell you what we've noticed from our perspective watching the you know the KPI's in our coaching business the key performance indicators that the attentiveness to all of our media podcasting in our coaching calls hasn't dropped off, but we are seeing I'm sure you guys are seeing this to a lot of people that are tentative about making decisions and they're using the. Election as the backdrop for doing just about anything which is kind of I don't know it just crazy. But what we're sensing and what we think is going to happen is there's going to be another surge of activity before the end of the year after the election because it does feel like a lot of people have been putting off just transacting in general, not just enroll state but in anything they've been putting off until after the election it's like the week of pause is going well, it's more like two weeks. And so the other thing you've got to keep in mind to be prepared, this is going to be sort of counterintuitive to the way you've maybe operated in the past year old state practice because you're used to sort of kicking your feet up on your desk and SORTA coasting out the rest of the year mentally and emotionally just the expectation there's GONNA be less demand says is your. Opportunity take a breath that's all live you've been operating well hopefully after listening to our show and maybe becoming one of our coaching clients, you realize that fourth quarter which were in the midst right now is the most important quarter of the year because it sets the stage for what's going to happen or won't happen the following year for yourself in your business. So do not slack off. Over, relax take too many days off be like most people where, yes, you're gonNA have a week off or maybe a few days off for Thanksgiving but don't make Thanksgiving a three-week holiday week beforehand we after and Halloween. For some reason, glass ten years has become another sort of like national holiday which I don't quite understand. So consumer behavior is going to be you know they're gonNA your buyers and Sellers right. They're going to use the holidays as an excuse, but you can't use the holidays as an excuse. The exact opposite should be true. This is the perfect time of year to be drilling down lead generation..

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