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Welcome to killing time hosted by two girls one goth and today is such an exciting episode because we have our first guest of killing time and who better to be our first gus than this guy you may know him as the lead guitarist and a band called the main you may know him from all of his beautiful work that he does producing our podcast. Or if you're me you may know him as your sweet sweet boyfriend jerry. You may also know him as my partner. The number one. Google search result. Yes it area next to a lexus. Lincoln jared monaco. Alexis is boyfriend. Happy to be here won't conveyed fan. Welcomes your how do you feel about being our first guest. I feel honored long again longtime listener. This first time. Guest kind of my job but i probably going to be back. We're we're glad to have you for having me back. We're actually going to probably have you for a few episodes. I think so. I don't think i'm leaving now. Because your checks designated driver just well. I drink many apple spritzers. Jared can drive me home at the wee hours of the night because it always takes way longer than we think to record these fucking episodes so true. I'm here i'm ready. Thank you all right billy. Before we get into the episode we got to know what is the day today. What is the dark day that we're celebrating or not sell. It celebrates the anti celebration. Today is june third and this in nineteen forty. Three june third was the start of the zoot suit. Riots ooh oh i don't know much about the zoot suit right all right. Here's what happened now. Zoot suits were. What suits right now. About zoot woman. And i know that song. Zoot suit right. Zoot suit riot daddy's as nash. A band called zoot woman. And i was like there is one. It's not the same thing that did zoot suit riot. But tell me maybe. I'll well why is still very large suit. Yes oversize precise suit now. Very shiny shoes. yes now in the nineteen forties it. Was this weird thing that people had that it was unpatriotic to wear those suits because they were rationing everything. And it's just like you're wearing too much clothing fabric so these pricks These eleven sailors. They get off a bus in downtown. La and they they spot some mexican americans wearing these zoot suits and then they attack them. and then this starts a whole thing because that happens and then the next day all these other sailors going come in a convoy from probably long beach or something like that where they were stationed. They come up here and they were just like we're going to attack anybody with zoot suit and i'm gonna read from wikipedia here during the next few days. Thousands of servicemen and residents joined the attack marching abreast down streets entering bars and movie houses and assaulting a young mexican american males. They encountered in one incident. Sailors dragged two zoot suit on stage as a film was being screened..

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