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Bravo. Sharon van Etten live on KCRW the new album is titled remind me tomorrow. Thanks so much. Erin. Thank you so much Jason for great to see you. And she is headed over to amoeba so counter show tonight and pick up a copy of the new album. Actually, we have copies on vinyl to give away right now along with tickets for each show coming up at the theater at the hotel downtown on March first so little ways to go before the show but chance to win tickets for this as well as vinyl copies of remind me tomorrow, if you haven't won anything from KCRW in the past ninety days, call us now for your chance to win at eight seven seven six hundred five to seven nine again. Eight seven seven six hundred fifty to seventy nine good luck. KCRW sponsors include goldenvoice presenting Bryan ferry on August. Twenty ninth at the Greek theater tickets on sale this Friday at.

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