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A giraffe at the Seren Getty on Discovery Channel. He's like he's like looking all around and he'll Turkey to laugh a little bit. He'll look around. And if anything startled the beaches Johnson, he? It is a comical thing. That's interesting. I don't know if it's related to the fire or not. But clearly there's something about that water dish. What what is it? What kind of describe tried different ones? I had a metal note is that a plastic. Yeah. And then I got a ceramic one. And then I've got one that's not colored. And I've tried everything, you know, from the internet sources, I've tried taking his collar also is they don't pay angle against it. How old is your dog? How old is your dog? About five. A couple things come first of all these looking around like he's skittish to make sure no one else is around. That's one thing. And that's interesting. And I'll talk about that in a second the other possibility, which is really common in cats. Surprisingly, so cats do not see well up close they are farsighted. So they can't tell where the top of the water is sometimes so what I tell people to do his foot little rubber Ducky toys in there or or something. So the cat can tell with the top of the water is. I wonder if your dog does your dog read the newspaper, if your dog cannot see close very well. I wonder if that's possible. But if your dog is so I kind of put that at the side. But right, if your dog is acting like, oh, it's anyone watching I feel like worried about being prone. I wonder if it does then have to do with the fire in some way. So have you tried something really flat? Like, you know, the the when you put the aluminum pans that are disposable the you can get for frying food, you know, gonna be talking about and they're high enough on the side where the water's not gonna float all over the house. But but they're wide. You know to put a couple of stakes in is what they're metaphor. You know what I'm talking about? Absolutely. You can get them at any grocery store, the really cheap. I wonder if one of those would work. I mean, you know, like, I said, it's the funniest thing. He he's he loves.

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