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Shitty things we did as kids so when i was a little kid sometimes i did get into mischief we all did one particularly shitty thing i did when i was a little kid i don't even know what this is called so i'm just gonna explain it i don't know if there's a name for it if there is please someone let me know after the fact but i had a buddy we'll call him johnny who lived in the tanglewood area of houston great neighborhood very nice houses mostly rich people it's a step down from river oaks so it's not the wealthiest people in houston but they're rich people you got to have money to afford to live and tanglewood we were in middle school probably around eighth grade seventh or eighth grade when somehow some way we got introduced to this prank and i don't know where it originated this was pre internet so it was one of those i mean pre internet like i think the internet existed but it was in its infancy it wasn't like you could just hop on google and google pranks or some shit or maybe you could have i don't fucking know but it was one of those things where i'm pretty sure somebody must have heard about this through an older brother or some shit like that it just got spread around word of mouth and what we would do is take a long piece of string like long enough to reach from one side of the street of his that his house was on to the other and then a little further so like over thirty feet long and we would tie somewhere between five and ten empty coke cans or beer cans or whatever aluminum cans we could find to both ends of this string we would set these aluminum cans up in a way that would get the string taut with the goal of it being taught about car axle high like in two different bushes ideally like in one bush on one side of the street in another bush on the other side of the street and then we would hide like in a tree or in another bush or whatever you should be starting to piece this together by now the goal was to set this up like a trap so that a passing car would get the string caught up between the bumper and the axles or wheel wells or whatever i'm not a fucking car mechanic and the car would drag the like ten to twenty aluminum cans down the street which would obviously make an extremely loud noise and scare the shit out of the driver who would obviously eventually stop and before to take the time to untangle this ungodly mess of trash from their car now i know what you're thinking this is shitty and i know that that's why it's called shitty things we did as kids johnny and i would do this like every time i i spent the night at his house people would be cruising by benzes and jags getting fucking rocked by strings with cans attached to them i have no idea why it was just our shitty thing i mean i i have some idea why like this was the idiotic prank that gave all the adrenaline and excitement of being criminals committing tight crimes without actually doing anything to hard core like you know that feeling when you're a little kid doing shit you're not supposed to do it's exciting it gets your blood going you feel fucking alive and when you're a little kid you already feel super alive so it's just like exponentially awesome whereas when you're in adult and you're doing things to feel alive it's because you literally are dead inside so that was not the case you're like we were already psyched on life this was just like the icing on the cake and sure someone could have swerved off the road nail the tree or a mailbox or even a house as a result of being so distracted or terrified by the sound of a few dozen coke cans clanging around behind their car sure that could have happened and.

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