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You know moms Beijing through I get somebody better on thirty eight and through my professional career years. I've noticed so many people, especially when Barack Obama ran for president, so many people voted based on skin color and no policy, and it drives me if a wall, and it's really scary because people like rock the vote that was the thing back in the nineties, and Mike, I people stay home and not vote if they're not gonna vote on, you know, beliefs of the person own for just in color, or, you know, like, you don't how cool would have been if we, you know, living in the state we live in to have the first black female governor. That'd be so awesome. I mean, seriously legitimately awesome. Yeah. If she has the right values. Yes. And. Because this is such a pet. Peeve of mine that Stacey Abrams could get elected in Georgia's a black female if she ran like Nikki Haley. Right. But they're gonna Bernie Sanders. You get Democrats out there like him saying that we're all racist because we rejected her as opposed to we rejected or policies and terrible. And no, you know, the last thing that kind of tied into that is I hate this team kind of thing where you're the rhetoric blue, and you know, the poor libertarian party. Do the heck's going to vote for them because they don't have a chance. So if that person was appealing to me, I still could've for them. Because I'm I'm voting for the red guide to keep the blue guy out of office. Not because he's blue and I'll because he's ready, but because I agree so much with blue. Yeah. Yeah. You're absolutely right. Yeah. The poor libertarians in Georgia forced us into a runoff for secretary of state. And now we all got to turn out for Brad rafts burger to make sure John barrow to become secretary state because of the libertarians. Although honestly, maybe those libertarian to Whitten voted in the election. They would've stayed home. And we would. Even be having conversations about potential run off. I don't know. I'm not opposed people voting third party. But man, the libertarians in Georgia they got ballot access and they've never been able to figure out what to do with it..

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