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But also educates your child. The cat, the barge, and the hair. A long time ago. They lived apart bridge in a safe and won't hollow under the tree. Unfortunately, there was new proper source of food available near his. So he decided to go out in such a good source of. He soon, found out of field whether there was an ample supply of food. So he did not come back home for few days and each to his heart's content every day. Now while the partridge was enjoying himself in the field. A hair happened to see the partridges home. He liked the rematch in started living in it. One find. The Partridge, decided to go back to his old who again He had now grown very fat because of consuming a healthy died. When he saw the hair comfortably living in his home. He asked him to move out immediately. The had along vulnerable argument. But could not arrive on any decision. So, One d they decided to approach someone else who could solve their problem. Now. Cat lived nearby. So they both decided to contact this supposedly learned cat. Win The partridge and hill approached him. He decided to take advantage of the situation. He slyly sent. Ideal Frayn's I'm so sorry. I'm old in Holland of he'll ring. Boo The few come close to me Antonio. Tell me your problem. I will do my level best to help you out. As, soon as the partridge and the Hair Kimia the we can act. He killed them both and had a lavish meal. This story teaches us. Whenever do people have a fight? The thought the mediator..

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