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Fried wing you could just never it's not possible to do i've tried grill on him to just that happen so have you guys ever try to inject wings i have not i've seen people do with a view i i do it for october four howling i will do a wing and i will make it like a bat so i would diet with little bit of food colouring glass and then i would deal blame mary injection into it really so when they rip it open it looks against by writing holy aniko patrick people out to you not got yeah i mean the now no you kind of like the idea of a black wing like hanging on a bloody mary though even on the glass yeah that's a pretty good well and also what i'll do as i will make a putting a vaca with that but what i'll do is alanthea's the vac itself with a bacon yutaka seino bacon for me i'm gonna say this bacon belongs in every dish ever made i like bacon makes every dish ever made better use bickering cereal it's gotta figure out a way to get better of bacon liquid is weird for me like i had big vodka before it i've had bacon martinis before any this it didn't work for could soon as the bacon not higher hacked the fact congeals and you got really texture you've got to be a big fat fan too i am a big fan of room temperamental cold meats do but you know like listen i liked what if they have bake it on the menu at his playing the glass all get that cores that's beautiful thing i mean bacon you know which led the idaho show on big my friend carl yet mrcb we would carl's a guy we have on what he's these two cairo is a guy helps put together all guys restaurants and he's got a.

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