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Near doing that are you. Serious right now. Yes period yes. Believe back doors house. I i d. I barely missed a day. My whole relationship while i was there two and a half doors in the spirit who mitsu part of it us already gone see. This is why nobody's going to know about my next relationship this conversation. Yup that's exactly what we're doing. See that's why because of this whole conversation cinema business wipe saying about nothing matters. that's public. I saw this and and those are. The relationships should be public marriages. You don't you don't you. Don't disagree that you had to feed out the door. No no because according to you and everyone else. I did so it must be true. Okay cool but then you cut it out. Stop back. Not no shot talk. Show is right now. When i was here every single day. Getting on your as it ain't gonna happen again out much. You learned from social rejection out here. Anybody ain't nobody gonna know nothing. Let me by a dog out your harvey every day so cavalier about it. And when we get on city then the problem give a pat. Don't ask head column meantime up anytime. He's available for everyone. He's for the streets. Exactly wilson gerald shoutout to queen die annually. Helping queen are you. Yes unfortunately shoutout to the godfather of solar tracy ray. Hey the godfather was going on shutout to learn buns here city here for you. They here for you every day here for me. I don't get along sean. He's there for their augie shooting a phone knowing that i'm not gonna tell you either you going call in and cosign with sean now too. Damn you're feeling near married c. Shot up tiffany tops in. Hey tiffany was going on kgo cardio about it. Shot out shot to ron. Dj cadillac kid. Kennedy's hey ron s. That'll talking about what's going on really her about it. We have me me single sandy. I got time for hold on. Wait a minute. So i can't i. Can't i everything. I got run home now. Sherman all my business with this grind. Lantau somebody that's legally binding to listen to crazy. Shots jennifer getty. Hey jennifer jennifer coming over my house. What's going on. Jennifer look for senior monday. Out to avis chinese. Hey hey this was going on crazy right girl. You can't go on you. Still in mexico is going on shoutout to washington he signed. Yeah what's going on. Boy you learn something about a person shot to neuroma johnson. Hey raw girl the deck uley clean for real. Shot out to darren taylor. Hey darren denied. Who came is unbelievable. Good morning shout to shelby. Hey shelby believe what you want. Shelby is my fave. how about that. Oh i i have plenty of them. Put them in a jar. Shall we love me more so than announcing here. Yeah so. I'm stretching claim so i can have you cut down. You have no. I have a netted. Oh yes multiples. Thank you shoutout to shoutout to apprentice car tax the morning. Mr atkinson. no-one when you was when he was running in that insanity months back. You didn't even know who praises cock. No pause was. You didn't even since two salad. Swabs jay cooke jacob. You've really been no when you was caught up in in the madness in real news in the rapture that she'll faves talks about. You didn't know who princess cox no pause was and it was here physically. I asked you. I know that even know who prints his was for like three months. We even i can deny that all you want to. That's your true. But i know what it is from saying. You didn't know you. You almost through and myself out of your life to just say i was hearing watch. The circus everyday shot up to lament serrano. Halen we have your teeth for you. Hold on let me let me get that t for facts. We're gonna get carrying a sap you was about the cutoff. Prince cox no pause blackheart. You was shut out prentice. don't sign. I said hello every morning when i was here for you like you the study. Do you go who you be the rationing if you were studying like that when you see. Yelling output has gone when he was in caught up in that man's and that's facts. Shot attache johnson. Hey good morning shoutout to travel early. Hey couldn't even get a story out of you. He's ed shoutout to renee thompson. Came through showed major love renee thompson. City shoe store shoutout to randy montgomery. Hey randy say city rebel when such and such. You look at me like this with is this don't order. This was at facts now. I was almost considered cutting off our beloved out. I can't even do the show with prince. You was not showing them any love every remember when the men were calling here and mid would be scared off now. I don shoutout to.

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