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The core team it's notches dash like i worked for tass but not for core rate in fact i sometimes you can even criticise but adds with each other but although that would be very counterproductive for both trying to fix dash but others too and uh evan duffield founder he left the court team he gave a ball i control and then he now he started the third subbed hour delay should called dash labs which is going to be very future focused it's a now you have not we have uh three independent teams working under this this same a decentralised opponents organization umbrella they're not accountable to each other but they're all accountable to these split say fortyfive hunter so independent investors the master notes who get to vote them the their proposals them so that's a that's a pretty strong message of decentralisation there it is not just decentralisation but division of labour which i think is important in the darfur guy the threat we had an on just what last week to discuss the road bat forever lucien than just as importantly the wbu as part of it even uh that uh for further decentralisation that further a dow proliferation if you will where like you said he is now the head of dow arm sorry of dash thumb what was healthy is knobs that's labs op he the dust logos would lower was the lowest rate network is named in order found leka that sounds cool to it does little to no doubt but that's a laugh zone for tasks of authority might end up cutting the name oh right maybe i'll be head of dash logos the new dashed del yes my own little fiefdom in the dash of community already planning taking over the world but it's it's a it's a a i think it's a really smart move on the part of the evan and you guys in the community in general again for further decentralisation but he also reap the dividends of the division of labour in having even some like you said you don't wanna silly but heads by.

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