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Yeah i mean i think it's i always liked to be in a sports guy gross battle is like a slam dunk competition right you know you've got a great point you know you if you watch the nba slam dunk thing or even the nhl hardest shot competition it's very rarely the best player wins at the home run derby where in the end is going to hurt you and ruin your career jack 'cause you get used to taking these wild swings things with no pressure on you really and then you get into a game situation like fuck you know so but it's it's an amazing it's done i don't think in doing comedy in la for twenty years i've never seen a show help so many comics now it's like i love when something take listen if it all it all helps the game you know what i mean sure like if there's something like that or even the thing with you know they do it where they sing with the band josh meyers jam comedy like all that stuff raises comedies you know what i what what is the term every water raises all boats or something you know what i mean it's too deep for my eyes tide lifts all boats and it does so i think when people are all this stuff works for comics i'm good with that oh sure i mean you know roast battle really help the comedy store get i think it was the initial like hey the source happening again i think so too.

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