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You know nothing about him i cadel i thought i this jonah nobody does they've lost wet uh chris thompson early blah marshall bright byron marshall and uh they ch the knowingly lost met jones so aid and then appear enzyme you're talking about fifty six on the depth chart here you got to take a look in the mirror and fuel figure out what school new roads in charge of the that o r others one trader i can think of sean mccoy victim of leshan mccoy limited elderly these playing was shown in we'll show mccoy had his moment yet again last week where he goes down in your like oh this is it he's hurt he's out missed a play rex burkhead no he's not playing teams white in chris ivory a i don't think it matters because foreign it is back uh austin echlert might play what it what happened throw his hand white abdomen i are now he's a game decision you're a running back if you of a broken hand this is just out there is i care amid anger taking the outside i cannot imagine being a coach in the nfl going okay my running back who need says he wants to hold onto the ball and one of them is broken i don't care what kind of numbing you're going to do that guy's hand there's no way i'm putting him in there all right wide receivers jerry hopkins in julia in muhammad sue in devon fund yes he did not practice but he says he's good to go all right what about america super i he hasn't practice yet this is a kind of a wait and see type of thing i've gotta myse in yeah.

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