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That nobody wants to draw in the playoffs, and that's gonna be our goal. Pay. Obviously, we want admit when, as many games a zoo we can along the way, and there is no substitute for winning actor after why eventually, you gotta find a formula for winning. That's what it's all about. But you know, right now looking at the first six games, especially the last game against the U. S development program, Uh, we got to get better, and it's got to start in our own zone. Um, we're we're not. We're turning to money pox over in our own zone we got, you know. Hey, like if you're playing in your zone, you know the majority tonight? That's probably not a good thing You know, you need to be able to play in the other two zones. Uh, you know the speed zone. Joe Doyle calls it the speed zone in the neutral zone in the fun zone in the offensive zone, and, uh, You know we need if we need to find we need to get out of our zone. We need to take care of the puck. And if we're not playing in Arizona's much I'm not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. But there's only three zones on the rank. And if we're not playing in our zone, we're gonna be in one of the other two, and that's going to be better than being pendant. It penned up in your own end. You know, blocking shots and hoping out. Alex Shilling and Zach LaRock are making saves. Frank. I know you've got a cut out, so I'm gonna let you go here. Bring on the three captains. But thanks for coming. And if I don't see you before, now, next week. Merry Christmas to you. Absolutely No. Why? Well, Maybe we'll have your dog walkers and Manitou Springs. We'll go Look at the Christmas lights. I was out. They get the Christmas. Well, they might have the Christmas parade again if they're so okay, Well, there you go. All right? Okay. Thanks, Frank. You bet J It's the Air Force Hockey coaches show and this season of Air Force sake proudly presented by first command financial services, coaching those who serve and their pursuit. Not financial.

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