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F. t. two seventy nine seventy nine seventy nine. These is Sinophile nNcholas cage, very sincere group of film enthusiasts who are proudly. Goodness, born baby apparently read the wrong name. Which is a little like what stacked Sinophile, Ethan, highs. Kind of like on the professional actor and I direct for love is so much this world that's dividing us in music is one of those great schools if resist together all run, there's baseball and World War Two. It's kind of victory. Sinophile the Adnan Virk movie podcast. Dance. Why was it I still recording that would have been polled, could run. Spike Lee would contend, I guess, at the sober approach will no longer suffice. If he age we inhabit as too drunk on its own craziness. He has a point that's an anti lane of the New Yorker. His review of black klansman spike, Lee's roaring return to form ninety seven percent rotten tomatoes. Fifth at the box office, ten point, eight million fifteen hundred screens. Speaking of boxoffice, Alec bloom is going to be our special guest today. He knows everything when it comes to the box office because he works for fantasy movie league. Check out the app, our friend, Matthew berry, of course, the big part of that as well. And so is going to tell us the box offers winners and losers. Documentaries did great, would superhero movies were disappointment, which ones could still do well later in the year. So and plus he's got some great trivia for guy. I mean, he he knows Sinophile so he tailored it towards me and my boys, Dan standing and Rick pass more. There are references to Paul giamati and Al Pacino. Robert de Niro has daily to cheat in my guided his homework. So thanks to out for doing that. And I welcome back to all of you, but a minute as the kids say, a solid month with. Sinophile a major milestone as I turned forty and thanks to Dan stands for being a part of the birthday video, which my wife surprised me with. I'm so insecure about turning forty. So thankfully my friend gave up and gave me some movie related things about it. He pointed out because he knows the Akiro's my favorite Corsa moving. He said, well, he made it was forty two and it didn't get released to lose forty eight and also that yes, zero ozone may Tokyo stories, fifties, and Cornell was making movies into his eighties. So that's all good news. I always go back to the fact Orson Welles made the greatest movie ever made when he was twenty five years old. So you know what pass twenty-five. It's all downhill from there, but thanks to everybody is a now reach middle age. I'm so insecure to now I ask people randomly the hell. Do you think? I look and then like thirty? Six. All right. I got four years off. It's great. Like I'm getting thirty six thirty seven thirty. It's guy shaved two years of McDonalds, a win pathetic. We got lots of movies to reviews in the interests of expediency. I'm going to review a few of these. I and we're gonna talk to Alec. And then I'm going to just like try. The hammer through which I recognize her not to everyone's taste the foreign films and the children's movies that I saw. So let's devote a lot of our time here to black klansman and Spike Lee, you know, would Spike Lee. He's gonna make provocative film and it's going to be about race in America, but it's been an awfully long time since he was relevant. And as I tweeted, this was his best film since inside main which Dan had last time as his focus on every man, a movie that he loves and rightfully so. So this is the first great movie spikes made in two thousand twelve years and seventy rightfully tweeted me. Well, it's not. It's not like saying much Mike, what you're right to sweep blood of Jesus. Sharak was a mess musical sentence, Chicago junk use x plan. This preachers all over the place miracle at Saint Anna, which I think is terrible. Ben lines actually likes it, which is amazing. A thirty three percent of rotten tomatoes. A friend of mine was like laughing in the theater at the end just like preposterous two hours and forty minute war movies. It's been bad, and I often wonder like with with actors and artists just like with athletes, I think sometimes you just get past. Time, like I worry about it with mammon is seventy years old..

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