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In Julia's random thoughts he looks like but I don't know he said chicken plants it's just random that's all it is all right everybody listen I think president Obama speaking as virtual town hall about George Clayton policing current did you just start Holly you Sir about a minute ago okay let's terminating a more just nation and in memory of your sons and daughters and we can't even those were compiling the particular acts of violence that I went to those losses are our nation in the world is still in the midst of a global pandemic that's exposed the vulnerabilities of our health care system but also the district treatment and as a consequence of this brand packed it exists in our healthcare system the unequal investment biopsies that have led to a disproportionate number of infections and loss of life in so in a lot of ways what has happened over the last several weeks is our challenges and structural problems here in the United States have been thrown into high relief our Barry B. outcomes not just of the immediate moments in time but they're the result of a long history of slavery Jim crow redlining and institutionalized racism but not too often have been the plague this original sin of our society and in some ways as tragic as these past few weeks have been as difficult and scary and uncertain as they've been out they've also been an incredible opportunity for people to be our awake to some of these underlying trends and they offer an opportunity for us to all work together tackle the trademark to change Erica and and make it live up to its highest ideals up and part of what's made me so open was the fact that so many young people have been galvanized and activated and motivated and mobilized because historically so much of the progress that we've made in our society has been because of young people Dr king was a young man when he got a ball since our shop as was a young man Malcolm X. was a younger that the leaders of the feminist movement were were young people leaders of the union movement's work for young people the leaders remind middle movement in this country and the movement to make sure that the LGBTQ members are finally have a voice and was represented more young people and so when I want when when sometimes I feel despair I just see what's happening where young people all across the country and the talent and the voice and the sophistication the pair to spying on it makes me feel optimistic it makes me feel as if no this country is going about now I want to speak directly to the young men and women of color in this country as founder so eloquently described have witnessed to much far into much and too often some of the violence has come from thanks we were supposed to be serving and protecting you I want you to know that you matter I want you to know that your lives matter that your dreams matter when I go home and I look at the faces of my daughters Sasha and Malia and I look at my nephews and nieces I see limitless potential within certain Mauritian prior and you should be able to learn and make mistakes and level I've joined without having to worry about what's gonna happen when you walk to the store or go for a jogger are driving down the street or or looking at some parks in a park what yeah and and so I hope that you will also be on how helpful even as you may feel a because you have the power to make things better and you have helped to make the entire country feel as if this is something that's gonna change you communicated a sense of urgency that is as powerful as transformative as anything that I've seen in recent years I want to acknowledge the folks in law enforcement but surely goals reimagining police because Bergdahl's sucker who took almost to serve your community your conference have a tough job and I know you're just as outraged about tragedies reached wakes as are many of the protesters and so we're grateful for the vast majority of you who protect and serve I've been heartened to see those in law enforcement who recognized let me March along with these protesters let let let me stand side by side and recognized I want to be part of the solution and show restraint volunteered and engaged and list because you're a vital part of the conversation and and change is gonna require everybody's parts of speech are now when I was in office as was mentioned I created a task force on twenty first century police of policing in the wake of a tragic killing of Michael brown that task force which included law enforcement community leaders and activists was charged develop a very specific set of recommendations to strengthen public trust and foster better working relationships between law enforcement and communities that they're supposed to protect even as they are continuing to promote effective crime reduction and and that report showcased a range of solutions and and strategies that were proven were based on data and research director in community policing and collect better data and reporting and and identify and and do something about implicit bias in how police were trained and and reforms to use the full force the police are deployed in ways that are increasing rather than research take trash and that report demonstrated something that's critical for us today and most of the reforms that are needed to prevent the type of violence and injustices that we've seen take place at the local level no reform has to take place in more than nineteen thousand American your spells more than eighteen thousand local enforcement jurisdictions and so as not to miss everyday citizens raise their voices we need to be clear about where change is going to happen and how we can bring about that change it is mayors and county executives.

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