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I'm going to take a couple of days off. Hang out with my family and you all Friday. Friday okay, so we're GONNA. Make today show count. We're going to put everything into it today. Listen I've given up on the hair I just I don't know what I'm doing, we. Can keep banging on me for the hair. It is what it is I'm keeping it real. This is authentic me. This is me without a comb. Okay, so pro football focus is something I. Follow I, liked the guys there don't always think they're right, but I followed them. They're kind of back in my good graces. They did the top ten NFL players. They rank the top fifty. I'll just give you the top ten. It's not the most valuable. It's not about stats, although stats matter. Aaron Donald of the Rams Number One Patrick Mahomes Jones Atlanta Quinton Nelson Colts George kiddle tied niners. Michael Thomas Six saints. Russell Wilson should be higher, but seven's fine Lamar Jackson Eight de'andre Hopkins Nine. Christian McCaffrey ten. No problem with it I move some people up some people down. Mostly right Aaron Rodgers. Did Not make the fifty. Now. He makes my top fifty I absolutely think he's influential. He has a unique skill set. He's really smart. He runs around. He makes place. He's in my top fifty. But they had three packers in the top fifty. Aaron wasn't one of them. And they use data. and. They had Davante Adams at thirty, eight, forty to tackle David back. The area and forty four was Kenny Clarke by the way they all all make my top fifty two. Aaron would, but he didn't make. There's and it was interesting because this week I have talked about. Why is Aaron Rodgers the last two years led the NFL in throwaways, two different coaches. Why because I think he's protecting his legacy. More than elevating I think he's become a very safe quarterback. The Great Young quarterbacks in this league mahomes and Carson Wentz jump out to me. They are risk takers. They are gunslingers. I think going forward for the young. Young coaches. They are risk takers I think that's the future of the NFL. -servative I think it's more progressive more risk oriented. Than it's ever been and I think a better brand of football. Errands become safer. Far was a gunslinger to the end, but it's interesting when they talk about David Bahktiar tackle one of the things they put in here his he has the hardest pass blocking responsibility of any tackle protecting Aaron Rodgers a quarterback who holds the holds the ball longer than almost all other passers. throwaways holding the ball longer. Paralyzed, by making a mistake or throwing an interception, not just letting it rip like a Mahomes like Carson wentz. Don't tell me it's all about weapons. Carson Winston Avenue Weapons. So this is what we've gone back and forth on, it's not I would have in my top fifty. My point is been I think is easy aged. He's become a safe quarterback I. Don't think maybe it is his DNA I think he's at his best kind. Let her rip plantain afoot, and letting it rip and get some interceptions. This is what Greg Cosell has said on our show now for three straight years. Say What you want about. How in riders a he's super talented. We know that he'll be a hall of Famer, but Aaron Rodgers over the last number of years has evolved, or one could say devolved into a player that plays a lot outside or structure and outside of Rhythm, and when you get a chance to watch the coaching tape as I do and this is not an interpretation. This is what the tape tells you. He leaves a lot of throws on the field within the timing of. Of the offense that are there to be thrown and I guarantee that that bothers medical floor and given the age of Rogers, and and who knows how long ride just comply the age of Rogers and mental floor clearly coming off last season, having probably pretty much carte blanche at this point I think he's looking to say hey. I'M GONNA. Start to put this offense together. The way I wanted to look and will rogers is great. I'm a little frustrated with the way our offense plays out. They draw plays Aaron things. There's too much risk. He throws it away. Holds it too long. What leflore talk about that clip from the rich Eisen show? What did? Matt Leflore recently Santa Press Conference. We're not dynamic enough. PF telling you. They got players. Players this goes back I'm not trying to be right I like getting it right. I see something I observe something I, say something, and then in recent days pro football Focus Matt Leflore. Come out and say yeah. I mean there's there's there's a structure of a play. He won't do what the coaches want. He wants to do it his way. His way to me has become too safe. Here's Joe with the news. No heard on the news. This is the headline news well. The NFL has informed teams about new training camp rules this season in a memo the teams yesterday the League stated that all training camps must take place at their home facilities, and no joint practices with other teams will be allowed this make sense to me. Yeah, I mean this is an easy decision to make. It's last year. Ten teams had their. They practice away from their main facilities and obviously the cowboys. Are Most notably known for having their camp in Oxnard, not far from here in California, which is obviously a big trip for that entire team, and all the personnel and reporters and everything else so they're going to have to habit in Dallas, or at the or the Frisco Star their training facility there, so nfl players are also not expected to return to their team facilities until training camp, which is another kind of interesting out, so they continue working out of home until training camp because of the murder of George Floyd. Covert has been taken off the cable networks. We had a pandemic. We had not solved it. We do not have a vaccine for it so. Just listen cable networks follow the hot story or the story that is in the moment, the story of note in America the murder of George Floyd is but we still dealing with a pandemic with no vaccine. So what teams are saying here is let's not forget that. Travel around the country. We're not gonNA have the fan experience. We're going to stay close to home. We're going to keep. People socially distance as long as we possibly can. It's just that because that story is not being discussed. It has not gone away. We have a were in now has occurred flattened. Yes, is the fatality rate going down? Yes, is there encouraging news is? Is the virus not as substantial as perhaps some perceived a month? month ago or two months ago, it appears to be the case, but it's still real living breathing finger dealing with the crisis, right and people's who have to make decisions that are putting other people's health in right in that fray are have to make those kind of decisions. That's a good point that you also brought up as well. Training camp is going to look a lot different this year because there's always fans at training camp. Thousands of huge component to watch training camp. So that's GonNa be that's GONNA. Look different as well as I'm sure how the reporters are are stationed at camp as well so Aaron. Donald Donald already has two defensive player of the year awards under his belt, and he's in line to get his third in twenty twenty, according to Fox. Bat Donald is the favorite to win defensive player of the year plus seven fifty raining defensive rookie of the year. Nick Bosa is second at plus eleven. Hundred Khalil Mack plus twelve hundred TJ watts the fond Gilmore N. J J. Watts. Respectively, can you imagine in the odds for Fox? Bet for defensive player of the year. You're Mr Watt. And, who of your son's? At some point, there's a Mr Watt watching this and thinking. Both my sons. Are Elite defensive players in the NFL. TV has better same tonge yeah. How they feels about that, it's gotta be a little Inter Inter House. Rivalry, there I actually think Nick Vosa is who I would put my money on for this year Khalil.

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