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And get an update on that more coming up the threat oh i need a replay because up promised for those that miss it mayor made mr mayor steve haggerty of evanston we'll be here when you to recap but we need up with him a couple of times a month we're going to haggerty huddle that's right you know just ahead of a head of this weekend's evanston art fest so all sorts of things having pete you will be out there correct yes i'll be slinging beards tomorrow slinging bears if few schilling my beer after a paid for beer i'm gonna be upset likely to handle any other that i had a beer all over may dennis owner green lighted down the bar that lady italy's at it was wanted to go to a place like that me to the only time of a really seen it done was in the back to the future but that is the most mesmerizing thing i've ever seen can i get a milk chocolate slid down the bar or a beer that'd be fantastic will you be there dennis owner green of the ohio know i have to move furniture god whose moving of all is getting another room or your you're of yes for i say i saw you have a hunting care furniture will all be there but i won't be uh sling beers nominee get down there okay does it will be there is now working as a great time a win last year walked around reliever guts ignoring larger yeah yeah it was work in the gate and was working the gate and i wanna ask you guys are you tired of my potential sister story or shall i give you an update no note head up the are not right now we'll do for get out of your eyes i appreciate your being there to listen to me because i feel like you know i don't have i do have my personal psychologist dr john huber but he's in austin so i don't get to see him much i will use him on the program was a guest but using you guys is soundboard you really been there for me appreciate then what was a non biological brother to do i could you fifty dollars of and i have a a couple sisters.

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