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Is brought to you by Toyota Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com Thanks for joining us I'm Jim McKay and here's what's happening. Early morning thunderstorms Getting off this Thursday started on the wrong foot for us weather wise. Band moving quickly Right now. It's just off to our coast. It's clearing out East Later today, though, some pretty decent weather as we experience a cool down, mostly clouds break for some sunshine at times today, it will be much cooler hides it back into the seventies. Man has also moved through. We'll see some heavy rain at times late tonight into tomorrow with some gusty winds. And that is WBZ AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson this morning. The National Weather Service upgrading the tropical storm watches as they are now. Tropical storm warnings for different parts of southern New England, Connecticut, right Island, also parts of the Massachusetts coastline, including the Cape and the Islands. And as we deal with overnight and early morning storms were also getting ready for Elsa WBC's James Rojos is out trying to find out how local utilities are getting ready. With the threat of power outages heading into the week. It's time to start crossing things off that storm safety checklist. Every source is expecting to have its hands full, thanks to the incoming tropical storm, which could down or damaged power lines. That's why they're encouraging us to make sure we're prepared for before, during and after the storm. Among the things were urged to do is to get a storm kid ready with items including batteries of water and a first aid kit. Unplug sensitive equipment. If you don't have search protectors and check for damage after the storm passes, but never approached or touched down the wire. Rather reported as soon as possible. In Roxbury, James RoHaas WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 602, now to more people who were arrested.

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